How to Make a Cheap and Easy Electric Skateboard with a Drill!

How to Make a Cheap and Easy Electric Skateboard with a Drill!

Electric personal vehicles like bicycles and skateboards are quite popular right now, but their price tags can range upwards of 1000 dollars. Spending that kind of money on a recreational vehicle isn't for the occasional user, so it means that many of us have to miss out on some pretty awesome rides. However, if you happen to have a skateboard, it turns out that there is a rather simple way to motorize it. In about a day's work, you can motorize your skateboard with a simple attachment for your drill. Check out the video below to see how it's done.

All it takes is a few cheap tools off of Amazon, and thanks to Inspire to Make, here is the list of what you will need along with the links of where to buy them:

–Brass Wire Wheel Brush:
–Extension Bit Holder:
–Right Angle Drill Attachment:
–FlexibleBit Holder:
–Skateboard wheels:

You may have some of these tools already, which means that the whole project becomes a lot cheaper! Assuming you already have a working drill and a skateboard, all of the other parts will only cost you US$99. Overall, the process of motorizing the skateboard is actually pretty simple. Just attach the mounting bracket to the skateboard wheel, hook up your drill, and you are ready to go. Having extra batteries for your drill would be a plus as well so you could keep riding when one runs out.

electric skateboard DIY[Image Source: Inspire to Make]

Not only will you have tons of fun on this skateboard, but you will win major engineering points from all of your friends. I will definitely be adding this to my list of things to try, and it would make a fun weekend project. What do you think?

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