Malicious Websites Were Used to Hack iPhones for Years, Google Says

Google says there is no way to know who was behind the attacks.

The biggest known malware attack against iPhone users went on for two years - starting in 2017 - without anyone knowing, Google says in a new Project Zero research statement.

It may have hit thousands of people, though the exact figures aren't known. One thing that is known is that if you are an iPhone user and you have updated your iOS, you should be safe.


A nation-backed attack?

The malware, published in a Project Zero paper, could allow the malicious user to steal passwords, encrypted messages, contacts, location, and other sensitive information.

The hackers sent all of the stolen data to a single server from which they ran the operation.

As per the MIT Tech Review, the scope and successful execution of such a large attack may point to a potential nation-backed operation. Unfortunately, though, the perpetrators have not been discovered, and likely won't be.

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