Mechanical Engineering Salaries State by State

From your education to your experience, and where you live, there are several factors that may impact your salary. That's why it's important to consider how salaries compare from state to state. In this article, we're going to take a look at that.

Here's a Look at Mechanical Engineering Salaries From State to State

If you're looking for a stable and lucrative career as an engineer, then a mechanical engineer may be an ideal job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a nine-percent job growth rate for mechanical engineers between 2016 and 2026. Mechanical engineers also made an average of $92,800 per year in 2018. That's almost a three percent increase from the average annual salary of $90,340 that mechanical engineers made in 2017.

But mechanical engineering salaries can look different depending on where you work. That's why it's important to consider how salaries vary from state to state.


Here is a look at various mechanical engineering salaries across the United States and the different factors that impact these salaries.

What Impacts Your Mechanical Engineering Salary?

From your education to your experience, there are several factors that may impact your mechanical engineering salary. If you want to start a career in mechanical engineering, then you'll typically need to get your bachelor's degree. In fact, some of the highest paid engineering majors in the United States are undergraduate degrees.

Your degree program provides you with the opportunity to build the skills you need as a mechanical engineer, such as project engineering, product development, lean manufacturing and CAD skills. However, mechanical engineers tend to earn more when they obtain a higher degree and more experience.

Also, the industry you work in may impact your mechanical engineering salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineers made an average of $99,870 per year in the scientific research and development services industry in 2018.

On the other hand, mechanical engineers who worked in the machinery manufacturing industry made $80,310 per year. The company you work for may impact how much you can earn as a mechanical engineer, too.

Paysa reports that mechanical engineers can make some of the highest annual salaries at companies, such as Google ($187,000), Apple ($169,000) and Microsoft ($166,000).

The location you work also may impact your salary as a mechanical engineer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top-paying states for mechanical engineering jobs in 2018 included Alaska ($128,690), New Mexico ($110,210), Maryland ($109,960) and California ($107,370). The District of Columbia also offered high annual wages for mechanical engineering jobs in 2018 at $112,780 per year.

How Much Do Entry-Level Mechanical Engineers Make?

Entry-level mechanical engineers may make an average per-year salary of $65,365, according to PayScale. But this figure may vary from source to source. For instance, Glassdoor reports an even higher national average annual salary with entry-level mechanical engineers earning $73,067 per year. However, the annual salary you earn may also look different depending on the company and location.

According to PayScale, some of the top-paying employers of mechanical engineers include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Ford Motor Company.


Moreover, mechanical engineers starting out in their career may earn as much as 22 percent more than the national average when working in San Francisco compared to earning two percent less than the national average, when working in Chicago.

How Much is the Average Mechanical Engineering Salary?

The average annual salary for mechanical engineering jobs varies based on the location you work and across sources. For example, PayScale reports that mechanical engineering jobs earn an average of $69,363 annually. However, Glassdoor places the national average higher with mechanical engineers making an average of $75,158 per year.

On the other hand, Paysa reports that mechanical engineers make an average of $97,118 per year. Indeed places the national average salary of mechanical engineers at $82,487 per year. However, Indeed reports that mechanical engineers working in Alaska make 19 percent below the national average at $66,015 per year while mechanical engineers make $90,052 per year in California.


The Average Annual Mechanical Engineering Salaries Across the USA

If you're deciding whether one location is better than another to start your career as a mechanical engineer, then it's a good start to take a look at the salaries of mechanical engineering jobs in various areas.

Here's a look at different mechanical engineering salaries across the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Alabama $90,030
Alaska $128,690
Arizona $98,390
Arkansas $71,730
California $107,370
Colorado $104,220
Connecticut $94,270
Delaware $106,220
Florida $87,770
Georgia $84,870
Hawaii $81,730
Idaho $86,010
Illinois $92,030
Indiana $82,510
Iowa $80,530
Kansas $82,210
Kentucky $84,380
Louisiana $101,810
Maine $93,310
Maryland $109,960
Massachusetts $98,190
Michigan $91,100
Minnesota $87,030
Mississippi $85,570
Missouri $85,450
Montana $77,140
Nebraska $80,650
Nevada $88,950
New Hampshire $97,270
New Jersey $95,680
New Mexico $110,210
New York $91,820
North Carolina $87,470
North Dakota $75,770
Ohio $81,020
Oklahoma $88,190
Oregon $85,890
Pennsylvania $85,740
Rhode Island $94,520
South Carolina $93,730
South Dakota $76,220
Tennessee $87,990
Texas $105,570
Utah $88,150
Vermont $94,580
Virginia $100,540
Washington $96,860
West Virginia $84,070
Wisconsin $79,360
Wyoming $84,200

Final Thoughts

Whether you're exploring a career as a mechanical engineer or you're considering an offer, it's important to know how salaries look from state to state.

With more insight on location-based salaries for mechanical engineering jobs, you can have a benchmark for salaries in the area you prefer to work and have a better idea of what to expect.


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