Microsoft to Invest a Whopping $1 Billion in OpenAI Partnership

In the name of artificial intelligence advancement, Microsoft and OpenAI are partnering up, with big numbers being invested.

Microsoft and OpenAI signed a partnership on Monday, in which Microsoft will be investing $1 billion as part of the long-term project to tackle more complex issues of artificial intelligence (AI). 

The teams are looking to work closely together and create a more advanced type of AI.


As part of the deal, the companies will be building together with the new Azure AI supercomputing technologies, as well as Microsoft will now become the sole cloud provider for OpenAI. 

Microsoft to Invest a Whopping $1 Billion in OpenAI Partnership
Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI (left), and Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. Source: Microsoft News

More complex AI advancements

Together, the team plans to build a technology named Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), in order to solve the more complex problems AI faces today. 

According to OpenAI's blog statement, AI today still requires a fair bit of manual engineering. The AGI they are looking to build will be "A system capable of mastering a field of study to the world-expert level, and mastering more fields than any one human - like a tool which combines the skills of Curie, Turing and Bach."

"We want AGI to work with people to solve currently intractable multi-disciplinary problems, including global challenges such as climate change, affordable and high-quality healthcare, and personalized education," continued OpenAI. 

CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, said, "The creation of AGI will be the most important technological development in human history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity."

He continued, "Our mission is to ensure that AGI technology benefits all of humanity, and we're working with Microsoft to build a supercomputing foundation on which we'll build AGI."

Instead of building their own product, OpenAI will utilize what they called "pre-AGI technologies" and have Microsoft as their preferred commercialization partner. 

Big and admirable goals, as well as big steps ahead for the two companies. 

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