For the first time, two F-35As have been operated from a highway to showcase enhanced tactical survivability of military assets during large-scale war.

Israel's latest variant of the 'Merkava' series of main battle tanks, the 'Barak', is AI-assisted to make it even deadlier on the battlefield.

BAE and Hybrid Air Vehicles have announced they will work together to reconsider using the Airlander 10 for specific military applications.

From encounters with flocks of birds to mid-air collisions, here are some of the most impressive times damaged aircraft returned safely to the ground.

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The wreckage from the missing F-35B stealth fighter has finally been located, bringing to a close one of the strangest aerial events in recent years.

The Chinese Communist Party has, according to CNN, now officially suspended its spy balloon operations over the US to help cool down tensions.

A US Marine Corps F-35B stealth fighter went missing north of Joint Base Charleston yesterday after the pilot had to eject mysteriously.

UK-based QinetiQ has now officially launched "Jackdaw," a "disposable" high-performance and low-cost uncrewed aerial system (UAS).

The British Army has proudly displayed its new Hydra 400 heavy lift, hybrid jet-powered Hydra 400 drone capable of carrying a "Brimstone" missile.