A joint British and French drone naval minesweeper has completed a final trial, clearing the path for it to enter service for both nation's navies.

Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska will become the first United States Air Force base to receive a new micro-nuclear reactor by 2027.

USAF's new EC-37B "Compass Call" enhances USAF's electronic warfare abilities with extended range, speed, and service ceiling.

DARPA has officially commissioned Boeing to begin the next phase of its 'Glide Breaker' program to develop kill vehicles to intercept hypersonics.

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North Korea's 75th-anniversary parade on Saturday came with an interesting gift to its nation – rocket launcher-armed disguised civilian trucks.

Steeped in secrecy, the NRO and Space Force have officially put the first of its 'Silent Barker' spy satellites into geosynchronous orbit.

The zero-trust approach to cybersecurity represents a radical departure from conventional measures.

Rizwan Choudhury | 9/10/2023

The deal enhances Anduril's portfolio and broadens its reach within the Department of Defense.

Rizwan Choudhury | 9/8/2023

General Atomics has officially been awarded the contract for Phase 3 of DARPA's "LongShot" unmanned aircraft system program.