The test was conducted from a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System that achieved a record-breaking distance of approximately 93 miles.

Rizwan Choudhury | 9/7/2023

Further to yesterday news that the Pentagon appeared to be planning a missile launch, it has been revealed to be a test of the US Army's Dark Eagle system

A Chinese military scientist team has reportedly developed a 'force gun' that can manipulate objects at a distance using magnetic 'force' rings.

After several mysterious maritime and airspace warnings last week, many suspect the Pentagon may be ramping up to test a hypersonic missile from Florida.

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The design team behind Japan's planned 6th-generation "Godzilla" fighter has recommended that it be armed with a domestically-made air-to-air missile.

Shield AI, working with USAF's AFWERX, has managed to get three Northrop Grumman V-BAT drones to work together for the first time.

Osprey Mk III drone completes important tests as part of the USAF's mission to develop AI-controlled drones to support its existing and future warfighters.

The Federation of American Scientists has uncovered some interesting evidence that US nukes may be returning to the UK after a 15-year hiatus.

Chinese defense officials have confirmed on Chinese social media that the 054B guided-missile frigate is a thing, SCMP reports.