Mitsubishi Electric Shows off Its Vision for the Future of Mobility at CES 2018

Mitsubishi Electric announced cutting-edge technologies and products that will drive the next-generation connected cars at CES 2018.

Connected devices and future mobility solutions are having a significant dominance at the CES this year. With Ford planning to develop an open-source connected car platform and Kia unveiling its vision to introduce connected cars by 2030, the new connected era seems to be much closer. Mitsubishi Electric too is joining the technology-race for bringing new technologies for the future connected vehicles. The company supplies in-vehicle infotainment, navigation systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technologies to leading automotive manufacturers.


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Mitsubishi Electric is currently showcasing cutting-edge technologies and products that will provide safer and convenient transportation in the connected era. Under the concept of “Make the move to mobility”, the company demoed EMIRAI4 concept car featuring a host of next-gen technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric Shows off Its Vision for the Future of Mobility at CES 2018
Source: Naomi Ellais/Interesting Engineering

“We’re showing our customers how they can make a seamless transition to autonomous and the new world of mobility by incorporating a number of new technologies into their current roadmaps,” said Mark Rakoski, Vice President of Engineering at Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America. “We have a culture of innovation and operational excellence that extends far beyond automotive, so we’re in a unique position to help automakers transition to lifestyle brands.”

Mitsubishi Electric Shows off Its Vision for the Future of Mobility at CES 2018
Source: Naomi Ellais/Interesting Engineering

The smart-mobility concept car is equipped with human-machine interface (HMI) technology to provide safer and comfortable interiors along with driver-monitoring system that can detect potentially unsafe driving behavior. The single wide-angle camera for the driver monitoring system can detect both the driver and the front passenger simultaneously. The car is also equipped with indicator system that can provide warnings in the form of illuminated lights on street surfaces to alert vehicles and pedestrians about the car’s intended actions. The advanced HMI also has the ability to recognize drivers by voice and personalized interactions on an interface without requiring manual customization.

Mitsubishi Electric Shows off Its Vision for the Future of Mobility at CES 2018
Source: Mitsubishi Electric

Apart from the HMI, Mitsubishi Electric also has demonstrations for biometric wearables as a replacement to key fobs. These wearables according to the company will provide automakers a new platform to enhance brand exposure. The high-precision maps will further help the cars to navigate autonomously with centimeter-level of accuracy.

The company has also envisioned future cars as a trusted payment provider by integrating the functionalities that enable the occupants to order and pay for food or services and routing the vehicle simultaneously. The connected car concept from the company also shows how cars can be connected with smart homes to offer owners new conveniences and cost savings.


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Mitsubishi Electric recently announced partnership with HERE Technologies to integrate their technologies together and develop powerful integrated solutions for autonomous vehicles of the future. The initial focus of the partnership is to develop services for smart-lane guidance for vehicles considering real-time traffic and accident information. The services will be enabled for automotive customers in North America and Europe initially.

The EMIRAI 4 Smart Mobility Concept Car equipped with the future technologies can be experienced by attendees at CES at booth 5609, till 12th January.

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