The Musket: A Hand Crafted 1000cc Aluminum Beast

The Musket: A Hand Crafted 1000cc Aluminum Beast

The Musket is intimidating, yet reserves a sense of elegance in its design. However, its engine tends more towards a beast with its 1000cc displacement allocating the power of its two 500cc Royal Enfield powerhouses.

The owner Hazan Motorworks, Maxwell Hazan, recently built the beast of beauty- The musket. Originally, the bike was designed out of a block of wood which was then hand cast into the stunning machine it has become today. After many years of thought and consideration, Hazan finally built his dream bike.

The tires, consisting of two BF Goodrich Silvertown car tires, as well as the wheels and headlight, were the only parts which were purchased for the build. Aside from those necessities, the bike is entirely handmade. The frame is comprised of high-strength aluminum along with the tanks and fenders. The shocks were crafted from bearing bronze, with a magnificent seat handmade from a piece of aged walnut. The bike is truly a work of beauty in the custom motorcycle realm.

musket[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks] musket 1[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks] musket 2[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks] musket 3[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks] musket 4[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks] musket 5[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks] musket 6[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks] musket 7[Image Source: Hazan Motorworks]

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Via: HiConsumption

Written by Maverick Baker

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