Never Get a Flat Tire Again with These New Bike Tires

Never Get a Flat Tire Again with These New Bike Tires

Few things ruin a good bike ride more than a flat tire during the trip. Even the most seasoned bike riders deal with the problem.

bike4[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]

One company created two unique tires that will never go flat, according to the website.

The guys at Canyon Crawler invented the Nexo tires and the Ever Tires. In addition to being durable and lightweight, both types come with the promise of never going flat.

The tires are made from a polymeter blend to offer cushion and bounce while also being durable.

bike3[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]

If you're a leisurely rider, the Ever tire might be more your speed. These tires are good for up to 5,000 miles. The Ever tires don't use air, and the design reduces the overall weight of your bike. The company recommends Ever tires for road riding.

bike2[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]

For more frequent cyclists, Nexo tires could be the answer. They last up to 3,100 miles with no problems. They manufacture Nexo in an eco-friendly process to save tires from piling up in landfills.

bike1[Image Courtesy of Canyon Crawler/Kickstarter]

They only take 30 minutes to produce and come from one piece of material. Nexo also attaches to current rims and takes a few minutes to pop on.

Nexo creators Dave, Ryan and Jake all own a bike shop in Utah, an area known for heavy mountain biking. They said the biggest reason people came into their shop was to fix a flat tire:

"So to save our customers money and heartache we went to work on a better solution. With backgrounds in product development, international relations and project management we felt we were up to the task."

The tires are currently set to go on sale in January, but you can back the company via Kickstarter.


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The tires start at $75 pledge for a smaller set of Ever tires and Nexo tires. The 26" set runs a $100 pledge amount.

Via Kickstarter

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