New NATO Video Shows Apache Helicopter Survival Kit Essentials

The kit has everything a pilot would need if caught behind enemy lines.

The AH-64 Apache is a powerful attack helicopter used by forces in combat. However, no matter how great a craft is there's always the chance that its pilots and passengers may get caught behind enemy lines.

To survive these circumstances, British Apache pilots need special gear. Lucky for us, NATO has released a video showing exactly what is in their kits.

The video features Jonny, a warrant officer 2. "I am an Apache pilot and this here in front of you is the kit that we carry inside the aircraft," says Jonny in the video.

What does he carry?

A large black bag houses the Apache helmet. This specialized helmet has a dark visor, a microphone, and a mounted display system. The helmet can actually track where the pilots look at.


Next is the pilot's personal weapon system. "Obviously we're all soldiers first before we're aircrew," explains Jonny. Therefore this weapon system includes an SA80 carbine variant which is much shorter than a common rifle so it can fit into the cockpit.

Apache emergency essentials

Jonny also carries an aircrew flying vest called BALCS which is short for Body Armour Load Carriage System. It features a secondary sidearm, an aircrew cutter, a location aids pouch, an orange smoke flare that can be flipped around to provide a night flare, a heliograph, a mine tape for creating ground signs, a basic medical kit, a radio, a spare battery, a light distress marker, a set of strops used to attach a member of aircrew to the side of another aircraft, and a 50ml emergency drinking water pouch.


Finally, Jonny carries with him a go-bag. This bag is used to store a sleeping bag, a thermal jacket, a floppy hat, a scarf, a spare thermal top, a spare set of rations, and a spare set of waterproofs. 

There you have it! Now you know what these Apache pilots carry in their gear.

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