New Vending Machine Lets You Buy Pizza With Your Face

Customers will now be able to use contactless ordering and payment with facial recognition.

New Vending Machine Lets You Buy Pizza With Your Face
The new vending machine Piestro

We already brought you news of this pizza robot that can make 300 pizzas per hour. Now there's a new pizza-making robot and it can let you pay with facial recognition. 

The new robot is the result of a collaboration from pizza vending machine company Piestro and facial recognition payment technology company PopID. 

In the days of COVID-19, people feel safer ordering food from a place that has no human interference. That's what Piestro provides. It is a vending machine for gourmet pizzas that even lets you pay without any human interaction. 

"As we navigate our way out of the pandemic, the demand for contactless ordering and payment options is not going away any time soon," John Miller, Chairman of Cali Group, told ZDNet.

"PopID is the go-to universal gateway for contactless payment applications and will enable Piestro to offer an innovative user experience that exceeds customer expectations. We are thrilled to enter into a partnership that will get pizza lovers their favorite creation faster – all they need is their face to pay."

Piestro customers will now be able to use on-site contactless ordering and payment via PopID-compatible Piestro machines.  PopID's PopPay solution will show up as a payment method on the same screen where customers viewed Piestro's menu and placed their order.

The technology will also be integrated into the company's app for placing pre-orders for pickup. Customers will be able to verify their identity with PopID in order to collect their order.

"Integrating PopID into our system will allow our customers a safe and reliable way to pay for their pizzas while also expediting the overall process from ordering to eating," Massimo De Marco, CEO of Piestro, concluded.

Last October, Piestro also partnered with Kiwibot, a robotics company that specializes in contactless delivery of food and goods. The future of pizza is here.

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