New Virus Named Yada Yada After Seinfeld Catchphrase Because It's Not Such a Big Deal

The virus only infects mosquitoes.

A group of scientists led by Jana Batovska of the AgriBio Centre for AgriBioscience in Victoria, Australia, has found a rather unusual name for their newly discovered virus and it comes from a catchphrase in the TV show Seinfeld. The phrase is Yada Yada and it refers to boring talk.


That's because the scientists believe their new discovery is well... kinda boring. Looking at RNA from mosquitoes in Victoria the team found a new alphavirus. The only thing is the new virus poses no threat to humans at all. It only infects mosquitoes.

Still, the virus does have its merits. “Mosquito-specific viruses can help us understand how viruses evolved, and can be really useful for vaccine production and diagnostics,” Batovska explained on Twitter.

What it isn't, however, is an exciting breakthrough. As such Batovska felt Yada Yada was the perfect name for her new discovery. “Lastly, we did name the virus after Seinfeld!” Batovska tweeted. “The rise of metagenomic sequencing has resulted in an explosion of virus discovery, with new viruses being announced every day - this is another one: Yada Yada virus.”

“Also,” the researcher added, “Seinfeld is awesome.”


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