Photographer Captures Milky Way in Stunning Reflective Salt Flats

Photographer Captures Milky Way in Stunning Reflective Salt Flats

salt flat reflecion[Image Source: Daniel Kordan]

A Russian Photographer named Daniel Kordan recently took a trip to the Altiplano region of South America. Among other geographical features, the location is also known for the Uyuni salt flat and the severe lack of any light pollution. The salt flat lies 12,300 feet above sea level, where Daniel camped out one night to get some amazing shots of the Milky Way.


salt flat milky[Image Source: Daniel Kordan]

Daniel used a special astrophotography camera that picks up the colors and fine details in the sky, allowing for shots like these. The barren salt flats are naturally reflective given their homogenous surface. Daniels Expedition into the desert created stunning photographs that make the barriers between sky and grown disappear. To see more of his work from his most recent expedition, keep scrolling below.


reflection of stars[Image Source: Daniel Kordan]

milky way shot[Image Source: Daniel Kordan]

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