Photorealistic eyes drawn by artist using coloured pencils

Photorealistic eyes drawn by artist using coloured pencils

redosking-02[Image Source: Thisiscolossal]

An artist from Texas who goes by the name of Redosking is able to draw human eyes that look as close to a photograph as possible. The photorealistic eyes are drawn by coloured pencil and while eyes seem to be a common subject for many artists, these go far beyond the average attempts seen. Redosking can be followed on Instagram if you like his artwork.

Redosking also explains his eye drawing process step by step with more than 100 hundred pictures over on his Facebook page, which is very interesting. The artist said the tools he used for the drawing of Dino Tomic were Prismacolors, a white gel pen and Faber-Castell Pit artist pen using Toned-Tan paper.




[Image Source: Thisiscolossal]

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