• In this episode of the podcast, we spoke with Willian Santos, International Sales Manager at ABI Electronics, about the fight to repair industrial electronics. Santos advocates for a shift away from the "replace-not-repair" mentality, which contributes to the growing issue of E-waste. He highlights the importance of promoting a repair mentality to reduce waste, lower emissions, and preserve valuable resources. Tune in to learn more about the benefits of repairing industrial technologies instead of replacing them.
meet the host
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    Mike Brown


    Mike is a London-based journalist with a passion for all things technology and engineering. Since publishing his first story in 2006, his work has been featured in International Business Times, Inverse, Input, Building Magazine, and others. He has a BA in English from Queen Mary, University of London, and an MS in journalism from Columbia Journalism School.

    Beyond writing, Mike also enjoys cycling, traveling, and languages. He holds regular meetups for Norwegian learners and is currently learning Chinese.

meet the speakers
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    Willian Santos

    International Sales Manager at ABI Electronics

    Willian Santos, the International Sales Manager at ABI Electronics, advocates for the promotion of the repair mentality over the replace mentality, which is an essential step towards reducing E-waste, lowering emissions, and preserving precious resources.