• Back in January, Kyle Monson began a 90-day trial of using ‘AI Interns’ as part of his creative team. Part publicity-stunt, part serious experiment, Kyle wanted to see how his teams could incorporate the use of tools like ChatGPT, Bard and Midjourney to assist with creative work, experiment, learn, and have some fun. In this episode, IE caught up with Kyle to find out what he had learned, and whether he planned to take Aiko and Aiden on full-time.
meet the host
  • Roland Ellison

    Roland Ellison

    Executive Editor

    Roland Ellison is a London-based journalist and content producer who is passionate about how technology can provide solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Having started his editorial career with B2B print titles in the construction and hospitality sectors, he moved into digital, social and video production with roles at The Daily Mirror and BBC Global News, before heading up global creative and video teams at Storyful. Roland lives with his wife and two children in South London.

meet the speakers
  • Kyle-Monson.jpeg

    Kyle Monson

    Partner at Codeword

    Kyle Monson has worked in the tech industry for more than 15 years, first as a journalist for publications like PC Magazine, then as a strategist, writer and creative lead for global tech brands and a wide range of startups. As a partner at Codeword, Kyle oversees the editorial, design and PR teams across the company.