The enigmatic Dr. Pais, creator of viral patents of futuristic technologies, shares the details of his work in a rare podcast.

Paul Ratner | 8/8/2022

IE talked with Shohini Ghose about how quantum computers might transform our future, the mysteries of quantum mechanics, and what the quantum scene will look like in 2027.

Derya Ozdemir | 8/8/2022

Go inside the discovery of the largest species of bacteria ever found by modern researchers. T. magnifica will change textbooks.

Grant Currin | 8/7/2022

Professor Gretchen Benedix is an astrogeologist and cosmic mineralogist who studies meteorites and figures the forming stages of the solar system.

Deena Theresa | 8/6/2022

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Researchers are testing a new type of drug delivery device that stores the second dose of vaccine for a specified period before releasing the substance.

Grant Currin | 8/5/2022

Researchers have proven that dinosaurs had insulation to keep them warm. That explains how they survived many mass-extinction events

Grant Currin | 8/4/2022

The Human Genome Project claimed to sequence the entire human genome, but the full sequence wasn't released until earlier this year.

Grant Currin | 8/4/2022

Morningstar built a metaverse when Mark Zuckerberg was two years old. He does not see any difference in his version and the one Meta is building now.

Ameya Paleja | 8/3/2022

Foresight helped an Austrian city protect its buildings from the European floods in 2021. The flood protection barriers they used now have a rising demand across Europe.

Deena Theresa | 8/3/2022