Find out why the veteran leader in the environmental movement believes the future of our planet is bright.

An eco-friendly and cost-effective novel membrane has been designed that could harness immense water found in seas for human use.

Sade Agard | 8/24/2022

A new study proves there still must be a beginning to "bouncing" universes that go through cycles of expansion and contraction.

Paul Ratner | 8/24/2022

Researchers analyzed almost 100 tattoo inks and reported that ingredient labels aren’t accurate. They also detected small particles harmful to cells.

Deena Theresa | 8/24/2022

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An arts collective is trying to get an AI-supported candidate into Danish Parliament in 2023. Could we have a fully virtual candidate one day?

Paul Ratner | 8/23/2022

The Hybrid Observatory for Earth-like Exoplanets (HOEE) would convert the largest ground-based telescopes into the most powerful planet finders yet.

Deena Theresa | 8/22/2022

Dr. Shah explained how he and his team made significant advances in translational cell therapy, successfully developing cellular treatments for cancer.

Baba Tamim | 8/22/2022

The team had to work out how to enhance both HTC and CHF by adding a series of microscale cavities (dents) to a surface.

Alice Cooke | 8/21/2022

Scientists at the University of Chicago have described a palatable way to deliver a compound that could reverse food allergies and inflammatory diseases.

Deena Theresa | 8/21/2022