11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience

The sky is the limit when all you want is to get as real as you can in Virtual Reality.
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VR seems to have become our new reality and will be more involved in every aspect of our lives in the upcoming years for sure. You might have one or two VR headsets already, looking for ways to step up your virtual reality game. VR Gadgets are specifically made to help you take more control of your actions and commands in the VR setting of your choice. 

It is very much predictable that we will have more gadgets come out in the upcoming months because the VR industry is growing as fast as ever. Knowing that this list deserves many more updates in the future, we narrowed down the top 7 VR gadgets to help you intensify your VR experience as virtual reality gets as real as possible.

1. Oculus Quest 2 Controllers Gun Stock Pistol and Rifle

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: X-SUPERHOME/Amazon

Because of misalignment, which causes items to move in an unnatural manner, your controllers can take you out of the experience. Virtual reality gun stocks enhance the immersion, physical demands, and realism of virtual reality shooting games. Furthermore, they can significantly improve your aim and offer you an advantage over your opponents. Aim down your sights like never before and get a unique perspective on virtual reality. Comfort and a stable grip make it easier to keep consistency in the game.

2. KIWI VR Link Cable

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: KIWI/Amazon

The entire Oculus/Meta Quest 2 VR Cable Management System uses silicone, ABS, and rubber materials, as well as noise dampening technology to maximize silence and minimize cable tug during operation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself without being distracted by noise or tripping over cords.

It is designed to make it easy to assemble and disassemble and adapt to different types of cable to fix them without slipping over the cable, from the noise-free integrated design of the top soft loop and pulley body to the 360° rotations feature integrated into the HMD cable holder. Oculus Quest 2/ Quest, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Vive Cosmos, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Playstation VR, Microsoft MR, Samsung Odyssey VR, and Valve Index VR are all compatible with it.

3. AMVR Table Tennis Paddle Grip Handle for Oculus Quest 2 

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: AMVR/Amazon

The AMVR Table Tennis Paddle is inspired by real table tennis paddles. It can be used with either the left or right hand. While playing table tennis in the virtual world, the paddle substantially enhances your VR gaming experience and increases game immersion. It protects your quest 2 controller well and is really simple to install and uninstall.

4. Skywin VR Tripod Stand Compatible with SteamVR Base Station 2.0

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: Skywin/Amazon

This telescopic adjustable stand keeps your VR experience hassle-free. The VR tripod stand folds away for storage and allows you to simply place your sensors. When completely extended, it can reach a height of 7,5 feet  (22.86 m), and when folded, it can reach a height of 29 inches (74 cm). Skywin VR Tripod allows you to have the most realistic VR experience on the spot while also making it easier to set up the best atmosphere for your limitless adventures. 

5. AMVR VR Tracker Straps, Adjustable Waist Belt, and Wrist Hand & Palm Straps

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: AMVR/Amazon

AMVR is made of premium Breathable elastic perforated non-woven fabric and elastic embossed leather design that is both comfortable and secure on any surface. Elastic embossed leather increases the friction surface between the strap and the tracker, enhancing the tracker's stability and absorbing impact vibration. You can step up your adventures with 5 Vive tracking straps for full-body tracking in VR games and apps including VRChat, hi-fi, ultimate football, and more. The Vive Tracker is secured to the back of the palm with a unique thumb loop design that allows the palms and fingers to move freely.

6. Beat Saber Handles VR Light Saber Controller with Silicone Hand Backstrap  

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: X-SUPER HOME/Amazon

Would you want to know how it feels to live in the Starwars universe? Beat Saber Handles seem to be your chance! The saber is made of a soft, light plastic substance that will not damage you or break anything in your vicinity. The Quest 2 touch controller is protected from flying out by a silicone hand strap in this design. But it's also quite pleasant to hold in your hand for extended periods of time, and the small weight of the handles means you won't have to worry about wrist strain. It will also completely fit your controllers. There are only two screws to install, and no tools are required. You can remove it in 30 seconds if you want to play another game. 

7. Asterion Aura Universal Illuminated VR Stand USB A Charger Port

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: Asterion/Amazon

The Oculus Quest, Rift, Go, HTC Vive / Pro Eye / Cosmos, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality are all compatible with the Aura. Any wireless headset or accessory can be recharged using the built-in USB A power connector. It has a basic floating design that enables rapid and effortless headset docking without losing elegance. Because the Aura is compatible with any standard size head-mounted display, you won't have to worry about updating every time you buy a new device or if you have numerous VR/AR headsets. 

8. LANMU Battery Pack Power Bank 

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: LANMU/Amazon

The virtual reality headsets consume a lot of battery power, however, with this battery pack, you can keep playing without worrying about the headset falling due to a low battery. It's really simple to gain an extra 1.5 hours of playtime, which will improve your virtual reality experience. The LANMU Extra Battery, compatible with Oculus Quest 2, includes a right angle adaptor that allows the power bank to sit a little further out and higher so that the audio socket is not blocked and the headphone may be used. It has numerous safeguards built-in, delivers consistent charging, and offers long-term service for any of your excursions.

9. Tap Strap 2 Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Air Gesture Controller 

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: TAPWITHUS/Amazon

Tap is a single-handed wearable that allows you to text, mouse, and control any device via air movements. Connecting over Bluetooth, you may use simple finger taps and gestures to operate your phone, laptop, VR headset, tablet, smart TV, and everything else. All you have to do is tap your fingers on any flat surface or wave your hands in mid-air. You can simply type to search and communicate in social apps within your Quest headset using Oculus' native Hand Tracking and the Tap strap. Without looking at your hands or using the handheld controllers, you can text on any surface. 

10. VR Ninjas Virtual Reality Gear Gaming Mat 

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: VRNinjas/Amazon

Unlike other VR mats on the market, the high thickness and straightforward arrangement of the mat allows you to keep your head in the game while keeping your body on the mat. The Ninja VR mat contains Toe Home Keys that let you find your center without looking, so you won't break your controller or strike a wall. The extra-thick VR floor mat supports your joints and relieves pressure on your feet, allowing you to play longer VR sessions and move like a Ninja! The mat's micro-textured surface and sticky gel pads on the bottom allow it to attach to any surface without sliding or moving; use it on carpets, hardwood, laminate, or tile and relax.

11. LensPen VR Headset Lens Cleaning Pen 

11 VR gadgets to intensify your virtual reality experience
Source: LensPen/Amazon

The LensPen AR/VR Pen has a half-inch cleaning tip and is suitable for any goggle or optic lens size. To clean all corners and edges, the carbon cleaning tip bends. The cap contains a patented carbon cleaning formula that recharges and cleans itself every time the cap is turned on and off. It is certainly compatible with Playstation 5 and 4 VR, Oculus Quest 2 64GB, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Rift S, Reverb, Cosmos, and all virtual reality headsets thanks to a new design upgrade particularly for the AR / VR market with refined black carbon technology.

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