5 Best Laser Projection Keyboards That Are Straight Out Of a Sci-Fi Movie

It is finally possible to live in your favorite Sci-Fi movie with these laser keyboards!
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It is 2021 and virtual devices are not a dream anymore. The high-tech devices we could only see in the movies have been involved in our lives especially in the last decade. Whether it is for business purposes or just to decorate our living spaces, virtual devices have been more available for us than ever. The good news is, Laser projection keyboards are just one of them and they are ready for you to use! 

What is a laser projection keyboard?

It is a virtual or a holographic keyboard that is projected onto a flat surface, so you can type on it. They came out to be quite portable and look way cooler than the ones you might’ve seen in your favorite Sci-Fi movies. That is why we listed 5 functional laser keyboards so that you can finally start living in the future.  

1. Heartbeat M1 Laser Projection Keyboard

Heartbeat Laser Projection Keyboard
Source: Heartbeat/Amazon

Heartbeat Laser Projection Keyboard stands out as one of the best among the laser keyboards as it's the absolute jack of all trades. It can keep your phone or tablet on it to provide a more comfortable setup or a workspace on your table. Also with its smart standby function, your phone still stays connected to it even when you have a phone call. 

Heartbeat will make you forget about the traditional keyboards with its accurate recognition, and the multi-touch mouse and keyboard system. You can zoom in and out on photos, and turn pages as you wish. It can work non-stop for almost an hour on a single charge.

It is innovatively designed with calculated round keys to prevent pressing on the wrong keys when typing. It assures you to be the best portable companion wherever you go because it also has a power bank function to charge your smartphone! 

What more can you expect from a laser keyboard? 

It supports Windows, IOS, and Android operating systems, which means it’s made for everyone who needs Heartbeats urgent laser keyboard services.

2. AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard
Source: AGS/Amazon

AGS is another Wireless Laser Keyboard that amazes us with its usefulness, especially if you have an urgent need for a keyboard setup to prepare a report or reply to an email. It works wonders if you have a small place to work and will be a perfect fit for your table.

AGS supports IOS, Windows, and Android and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. It allows you to type up to 350 characters per minute and has a 1,000 maH Ion battery that can last for 3.3 hours on a single charge. For a keyboard, AGS is exceeding a lot of expectations, as it not only helps you get your work done remotely but also saves you a great deal of time doing that. Just in case you need it, it can be turned to the Mouse Mode using the function keys. 

Who would’ve thought this small device could do this much for you? 

3. SHOWME Laser Keyboard

SHOWME Laser Keyboard
Source: SHOWME/Amazon

SHOWME Laser Keyboard is designed for the ones who expect nothing but quality and durability from their keyboard. You can easily and wirelessly pair your SHOWME keyboard with your Windows, IOS, and Android devices. 

The best part about SHOWME is that it provides clarity and accuracy even under direct sunlight. It can fit your schedule and environment as it is also able to work with you for hours with its durable battery.

Enjoy your SHOWME Laser Keyboard with a QWERTY setting, on your smartphone, tablet, or phone of any kind. This upgraded version of SHOWME Laser Keyboard is for sure here to blow your mind. 

4. Serafim iKeybo Laser Projection English & Piano Keyboard 

Serafim iKeybo Laser Projection English & Piano Keyboard
Source: Serafim/Amazon

Can a laser keyboard get any more functional? Serafim iKeybo not only says yes, but it proves it can.  

It allows easy connection through Bluetooth and USB to provide you with fast and accurate typing in any kind of working space. Serafim also promises typing accuracy and easy recognition with its specially calculated round key design. With Serafim, you will hit the right key every time you type. 

Designed functionally, Serafim is not only able to be a phone stand but also it can be your power bank with its 2000mAh battery. Serafim is not only a keyboard, it is here to be your mobile workstation wherever you go. 

Besides being the perfect keyboard for all purposes, there is one thing about Serafim that makes it pretty special among other keyboards. Whether you are on the road or in the studio, Serafim allows you to keep making music instantly through a built-in music app (for both IOS and Android). Would you be able to imagine a future where you can play piano, guitar, bass, or even drums on a laser keyboard? Well, Serafim iKeybo brings that future to your door. 

5. LA GUAPA Virtual Projection Keyboard

LA GUAPA Virtual Projection
Source: LA GUAPA/Amazon

La Guapa is a special laser projection keyboard on its own. It provides a connection to Android, Windows, and IOS-operated devices with ease. Either in public places or at home, La Guapa will be your stable and smart tool to provide maximum performance on any work urgency.

The Bluetooth laser keyboard is equipped with a mini Bluetooth speaker, it supports voice reports and music playback, to accompany you in your business meetings, or to play your favorite jam while you are getting your work done. 

Last but not least, La Guapa comes with an original rechargeable battery to ensure durability, long-lasting use, and user safety. If you are new to virtual laser projection devices, La Guapa will welcome you to the club to the best of its ability. 

One of the best ways to live in the future is to keep up with the latest technological devices that came out for us common folks. It is okay to feel like you’ve missed a lot, especially in the last decade because it’s getting better day by day as fast as it never did. Laser Projection Keyboards are the perfect start to live in the modern era and we listed the 5 best products that can help you with it. Go ahead and type on one of these laser keyboards and start getting the hang of the virtual world.

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