7 Cleaning Robots That Will Reshape Your Daily Routine

These robot cleaners are ready to take over your household, but in a good way.
Ceren Uysal

House chores can be unbearable. For starters, they take American citizens about 23 hours each month, and the tasks can sometimes be physically tiring and frustrating. What's more, we now know that it takes a lot more than a mop and a vacuum cleaner to really maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your home or your office; and COVID-19 has made proper sanitation even more of a concern. 

As a result of our increasing sanitation requirements and desire to spend our time doing other stuff unlike cleaning, technological advancements have started to be more and more involved in domestic life. Despite this, it might seem like you still have to sacrifice many of your productive hours cleaning and washing.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Here are 7 robot cleaners that will not only take over your chores but also will let you keep your living space clean without lifting a finger.

1. eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S
Source: Eufy/Amazon

Anker has created a brilliant robot vacuum cleaner this time, which can keep any hidden spot clean in your living space. RoboVac is reengineered to be the quietest and slimmest vacuum cleaner to make you feel as if it’s not even around. It is as silent as a microwave and as tall as 2.85''.

Robovac is one intelligent robot; it can automatically increase suction power up to 1300Pa when need be. It can also sense obstacles, thanks to its sensors, and can avoid bumping into chairs or taking falls as a result. You don’t even need to worry about whether it's charged or not, because RoboVac can get recharged on its own and keep doing what it’s doing best.

RoboVac also looks good with your furniture thanks to its unique design and anti-scratch glass top cover.RoboVac is not here to be your favorite robot vacuum cleaner, it is here to be your loyal servant.

2. iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum
Source: iRobot/Amazon

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum is one of the smartest vacuums around, given all the special abilities it has to offer. All it needs from you is a quick schedule set in advance with the iRobot HOME app or a touch of your voice via Google Assistant or Alexa. It charges itself without your help, and thanks to its Dirt Detect Sensors, it focuses on high-traffic areas in your house and does the cleaning accordingly.

While you are busy with your work or anything else, it can detect and clean everywhere with its dual-multi surface brushes for hard floors and carpets, and edge-sweeping brushes to make sure there is no dusty corner left behind.
Moreover, Roomba learns about your cleaning habits and offers you personalized schedules, so it even takes over the planning part for you! As you see, Roomba is ready to be another member of your family in the shortest time possible thanks to its smart adaptation skills.

3. EVERYBOT 'Edge Mocha' Robot Mop

EVERYBOT 'Edge Mocha' Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Source: EVERYBOT/Amazon

Everybot's ‘Edge Mocha’ is just around to get the cleaning done. It helps you mop with a single touch, and thanks to its cliff-detection and anti-collision sensors, Everybot Edge Mocha can protect itself from any collision or a fall. If you are worried about any harm that a robot mop can cause on your floors, no worries, it moves smoothly around your house with two mop pads.

Another great feature of Edge Mocha is that it has 8 different cleaning modes that you can pick through remote control. It can clean the floors with 3.6 lb pressure and while doing that, it makes sure to keep your house as peaceful as possible with only a 46dB noise level. It can get the work done in 100 minutes with one-time charging and drags itself somewhere you will be able to see when it runs out of battery. Functional, silent, and thoughtful; can a robot mop get any better?

4. Sophinique Window Vacuum Cleaner

Window Cleaner Robot with Auto Water Spray Sophinique Window Vacuum Cleaner
Source: Sophinique/Amazon

Who would've thought even the windows could be cleaned with robots? It is finally possible! Sophinique Window Cleaner will take all the burden from you, thanks to its extreme functionality. Now, you will be able to clean any type of glass surface including mirrors and even kitchen countertops with remote control.

It's designed with an ultrasonic water spray nozzle, which means it can spray its water from the 40mL water tank, and just lets you do your own thing during the process. It offers 20 minutes of backup battery in case of a battery failure, just to make sure it completes the job.

Last but not least, its powerful absorption capacity is up to 5.6KPa and it can climb up to 20ft (6 meters), which means it is perfectly capable of cleaning the broadest areas in your house. The only thing you need to do is attach Sophinique on the surface, ensure its safety with the safety rope that comes with it, and see your glass surfaces shine as good as new!

5. Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum
Source: Mamibot/Amazon

Another gem with its great talents in cleaning windows is Mamibot W120-T. It can be controlled with either its remote control or from the iGlassBot App on your phone. Besides making it easier for you to keep your windows clean, Mamibot does a great job on marbles, tiles, and ceramic walls.

Moreover, the window cleaning robot can climb up to 3.280 feet (15 meters). When it runs out of battery, it can stay on the surface with its 20-minute lasting backup battery, and it gives you a signal so that you can take it off for a quick rest. With its square shape, it can cover 99% of the glass surface and its micro fabric cloth prevents the surfaces from getting scratched.

6. Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot
Source: Grillbot/Amazon

The cleaning and hygiene never end indoors, that’s why the world’s first automatic grill cleaning robot, Grillbot, is here to save us. Grillbot is an innovative grill cleaner that can take all the work out of your hands after a peaceful summer barbecue in your backyard. Just by placing your Grillbot on your grill after you are done using it, you can say goodbye to scraping and brushing your grill for hours and can enjoy your full stomach with a nice summer breeze.

After turning on Grillbot, it will do the cleaning and you’ll hear an alarm sound when the grill is fully clean. You can also place it on the grill whether it’s hot or cold, and enjoy your free time with your guests. If you love barbecue evenings but hate cleaning up after the party, Grillbot will be a great option for you.  

7. AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

AIPER SMART Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner
Source: AIPER SMART/Amazon

Everybody wants to keep their pools clean and ready to use in summer without hiring any help. AIPER SMART Automatic Pool Cleaner will do just that.

It is ready to clean all sorts of dirt in any part of your pool with its rapidly working motor which can clean a 50m2 pool in around 50 minutes, saving a great amount of time in a day for you. It only takes the Pool vacuum robot 3 to 4 hours to recharge and be ready to go for another round.
The pool vacuum has a large filter that allows it to pick up more sands and dirt to make the most of 50 minutes of continuous cleaning, substantially reducing the number of chemicals needed, providing a healthier clean for your swimming pool.

The robot pool cleaner also helps the water circulation while doing the cleaning, and acts as a second filter in your pool. It is smart enough to turn around when it gets closer to a wall and it docks when out of battery, meaning, it doesn’t need your supervision until it’s ready for you to pick it up from the pool. Aiper Smart automatic pool cleaner will not only save your time but will provide a healthier clean for your pool.

To sum up, when it comes to house chores, you might need to lift your finger maybe a couple of times a day, but who could’ve thought the house chores could only take this much effort? Get yourself one or multiple of these gadgets and enjoy your day without worrying about your chores.

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