7 factors to consider before buying the perfect lawn mower

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Factors to consider when buying a lawn mower

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Buying a lawn mower can seem arduous, especially if you're getting into it for the very first time. With many options available in the market, thorough research is a must, lest you wish to end up overspending on a machine that's overqualified regarding your requirements. 

The right choice will save you cash and get your work done quickly, while the wrong one can indeed make it a tiresome chore. So, how do you decide which lawn mower to go for? Here, we've discussed all the essential factors you need to take into consideration before zeroing down on the right choice. 

Make sure your requirements are in order

Before starting with the research process, there are a few things you need to be well aware of. It's important because these factors will crucially affect your buying decision. Never - we warn you - never get into researching and eventually end up buying a lawn mower for your yard before you have attended to these factors.

1. Size of the lawn and type of the mower

Great States Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Great States Push Reel Lawn Mower has a lightweight and compact design that makes it easily maneuverable. It's a great choice to go for if you're looking for a lawn mower to mow small and even lawn. Also, it's easy to assemble this lawn mower and requires low maintenance.

The size of the lawn will have a direct say in your process to buy a lawn mower for your yard. For instance, going for a push mower is the best option if you've got a yard of ½ acre or less. If the yard is bigger than the specified area, go for a self-propelled mower because that'll reduce the manual work, albeit you won't be able to depend on it totally for getting the lawn mowed. 

For areas that are more than 1 acre, opt for a riding lawn mower. Likewise, if you've got too many trees in your yard in the same area, consider using a zero-turn radius mower.

Here's a chart you can refer to for deciding on the perfect lawn mower to suit your yard. 

Area Suitable lawn mowers
Less than ¼ acre Corded electric, battery-powered, and reel mowers
¼ acre to ½ acre Corded electric, Push, and self-propelled lawnmowers
½ acre to 1 acre Self-propelled or robotic lawn mowers
1 acre and above Riding a lawn mower or a lawn tractor

As a thumb rule, always remember to refrain from investing in high-end lawnmowers. More powerful engines are not the best for small yards because they can be challenging to maneuver in small areas and are also proven bulky for the lawn size.

Likewise, don’t go for something like a push lawn mower for a large yard because that’ll turn the whole mowing process into a tedious job because you’ll need to do it all manually. Plus, the mower also won’t offer enough power to make sure the grass is trimmed well across the whole yard. 

2. Terrain

Hilly areas and uneven grounds require more effort for mowing, so you need to choose the right engine that offers enough power to mow that area properly. The type of grass will also have a major say in this factor. Most engines range from 140 to 190 cc, but there are more powerful engines available. If your lawn is uneven or has thicker grass, try a lawn mower with a higher cc engine. 

3. Type of power supply

Now, we move on to the factors that’ll actually determine the lawn mower you need to buy. Lawnmowers are available in two types - gas and electric. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

Gas-powered lawn mowers offer immense power and can work for long hours compared to their electric counterparts, which can function only for about 60 minutes post a single charging session.  If the yard size is about ½ acre with even ground, an electric lawn mower can do the job within a single charging session.

Also, since they’re quieter and smokeless, they’ll mean less trouble for your neighbors. A gas-powered lawn mower is more feasible if you have a large yard, typically more than ½ acre, with uneven terrain. Gas-powered lawnmowers will work well because they offer more power and get the job done faster in large areas. 

4. Deck size

Greenworks Pro 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Greenworks Pro 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is a great option for large areas that have uneven terrains. It's easy to use and has a lightweight design. Furthermore, it also comes with the auto-switch technology for longer run times.

The next crucial factor is the deck size, which directly affects how fast you can get your lawn mowed. A bigger deck means wider blades, which can cut the grass faster. Deck sizes range from as low as 20” to as high as 70”, but for most homeowners, any deck size between 30” to 60” should suffice. 

For a large yard, typically 1 acre in size, with an even ground, a bigger deck size would be an excellent option because it can get the work done quickly. In contrast, if the ground is uneven or you are mowing around bushes, flower beds, or trees, you may want to go for a deck size of around 30” for better maneuverability between those obstacles. 

5. Grass clippings

Once the lawn is mowed, you must tend to the cut grass. Lawnmowers can deal with the cut grass in several ways. For instance, a side-discharge mower spits all the cut grass onto your lawn. Some homeowners like to have that grass around since it is a different fertilizer and creates a beautiful covering. However, if the grass clippings are thick or clumpy, they can harm your lawn. 

You can also buy a bagger for an extra charge so the mower can collect all the clippings instead of letting them lie around. This would also save you the time to clean up the lawn manually. 

6. Features

Lawnmowers come with some features you should consider before deciding which one to buy. 

1. Electric start:

Pulling the rope to start a lawn mower can be a hassle at times; hence, an electric start system is one of the features you’d want to look out for. With this feature, you can start the lawn mower just by pressing a button.

2. Stop without restarting:

You may need to do several side activities while mowing, like stopping to empty the bag or pick up the sticks. In such cases, the stop without restarting feature allows you to refrain from shutting down the machine. It’ll stop the blade but keep the engine running so you can continue quickly once you finish those other tasks. 

7. Price

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

The BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower has a comfortable grip bike handlebar that reduces friction and enables maneuverability for small lawns. The winged blades of the lawn mower ensure better clipping collection and the start button allows you to start the machine without any hassle.

The price can affect your buying decision if what you require doesn’t exactly fit into the budget you’ve sidelined for buying a lawn mower. The price factor depends on various things, including size, extra features, and much more. Also, the brands you consider will significantly affect the price tag. Husqvarna, John Deere, Snapper, and Troy Built are some of the best brands for buying a good lawn mower. 


Getting yourself the perfect lawn mower might feel like a tough decision, but following these factors will ensure you choose the right one without overspending. Stay tuned while we bring you some of the best lawnmowers across different types.

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