7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go

All your valuables deserve the smartest protection.
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If you are traveling a lot or have to carry loads of stuff always on the go, you probably know how important it is to use the right backpack. Backpacks have great importance in providing us comfort while carrying all our heavy belongings on our backs, providing enough space and utmost safety for our valuable belongings. 

Good news for you, just as all the technological devices have been getting smarter, backpacks got their share from it as well. On top of providing safety and comfort, smart backpacks developed in a way that they became an indispensable part of our lives. Just to show you how and lead the way for you to grab your first smart companion on your travels, we listed our best picks.

1. Oscuart Anti-Theft Smart Backpack

7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go
Source: Oscuart/Amazon

The smart bag stands out with its unique design as the main compartment’s zipper is tucked away at the back of the pack to provide protection against theft. The bag's fabric is made of extra resistant material, which is offering scratch, tear, and cut-resistance. If you need the perfect travel companion for yourself on your way to work, school, or business meetings, Oscuart is the perfect fit. It also has a built-in USB port that can be connected to a power pack to charge mobile devices and electronics on the go.

There’s a dedicated sleeve to hold up to 15.6" laptops, and the velvet material works alongside an elastic band to provide proper shock protection. Multifunctional compartments, superior waterproof material on the fabric, and the exquisite design of Oscuart ensure you that your belongings are safe, your back is comfortable and all your needs are met wherever you go.  

2. Tocode Laptop Backpack

7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go
Source: Tocode/Amazon

Tocode Laptop Backpack is a great option for anyone who has a never-ending traveling schedule. It has 4 zipper pockets, 2 sides mesh pockets, 1 laptop sleeve, 2 small inner pockets, and 2 pen loops with the capacity of 35 liters to help you easily organize your belongings and not waste any more time packing. You will easily be able to fit laptops up to 17”.

It is also made of heavy-duty and water-resistant oxford fabric, ultra-durable and sturdy. The lining is made of water-resistant polyester which keeps your items dry even when you are hiking with your laptop. On top of having the main compartment to provide safety in the case of bumps and falls, it also has a built-in USB charging port to keep all your devices charged.  

3. KOPACK Travel Laptop Backpack 

7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go
Source: Kopack/Amazon

Kopack is designed for the ones who mostly work from coffee shops and public spaces. Considering how valuable our laptops and devices are for us nowadays, Kopack is making sure your devices will stay safe with you thanks to its hidden anti-theft laptop compartment. It’s also suitable for both casual and formal use.

The built-in smart features add plenty of functionality as it has a detachable USB cable and an external USB charging port for mobile devices. The slim backpack is made of durable oxford fabric material and to provide you comfort on the go, it has S-shape padded shoulder straps and comfortable airflow padding back design. You can always carry your 15.6” laptop and feel at ease on the go thanks to how secure and comfortable the Kopack is.

4. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack 

7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go
Source: Sunnybag/Amazon

Sunnybag not only provides you comfort and security, but it also lets you use sustainable energy to charge any device you want on the go, thanks to its solar panel. It allows you to charge your mobile devices directly through the removable solar panel with more than 6 watts of power and 22.4% efficiency. 

The water-repellent ripstop fabric of this ultra-light and robust backpack is insulated for added resistance which makes it ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. With a padded 15” laptop compartment, 15 liters of volume, and ergonomic design, the EXPLORER+ will be your favorite companion throughout your travels. 

5. Tzowla Smart Backpack 

7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go
Source: Tzowla/Amazon

With USB connectivity, anti-theft design, and extremely functional use for business, travel, and even weekend hangouts, this bag can cover many of your needs. The back of the bag consists of a secret theft-proof pocket that sits up against the wearer's body. There's even an anti-theft back pocket that makes it impossible for your personal items to be stolen, so you can keep your valuables like your passport and money safe while traveling.

Its compartment holds a 17.3” laptop and has 50 L of storage so it ensures all the things you need will fit in Tzowla. Moreover, two reflective stripes are featured on the front, making it visible to the eye at night. The RFID Blocking Pocket design features a private and secure compartment for your cards and identification information just to ensure your security in every way possible.  

6. XD Design Bobby Pro Smart Backpack 

7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go
Source: XD/Amazon

Bobby Pro ensures the safety of your valuables with its RFID-Protected concealed pockets and lockable hidden zippers during any kind of travel. Besides how protective Bobby Pro is of your belongings, it also has regular and Type-C connectors that are available on the USB charging port to make sure you are reachable through all your devices on the way. No matter the number of your belongings, the inner compartments of Bobby Pro stand out with their functionality.

Its internal dividers may be adjusted to organize your gears in a variety of ways. With a total capacity of 18 liters, the compartments can take up to 15.6" laptops and 12.9" tablets. Its shoulder strap features a patented Fidlock that will allow quick and easy access to your phone or water.

7. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack 

7 Smart Backpacks For Protection and Comfort On The Go
Source: Matein/Amazon

Matein's 15.6-inch laptop backpack offers a large main compartment and a number of side pockets to safely store and organize your belongings. It also includes a luggage strap that can be attached to any suitcase. With ventilated back cushioning, soft-padded shoulder straps, and a carrying handle, carrying this bag is a breeze. Your mobile devices can be charged using the built-in USB charging connector. There's also a back pocket with anti-theft features for storing valuables like a wallet, jewelry, or documents. Matein's travel bag is a game-changer when it comes to travel convenience and safety.

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