9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads

Today is Father's day. Do you need some Father's Day gift ideas for your engineer dad? Then you've come to the right place.
Christopher McFadden
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It's Father's day so why not get partially prepared with our great Father's Day gift ideas for engineers. Today is the time to honor everything dads' have done for their children through the ages. But what do you buy for an engineer dad? A simple tie may not cut the mustard.

You really need to think outside of the box, anything from DIY kits to tech-based gadgets is probably more suitable. You could of course just take them to the pub (and pay), that'll usually do the trick. But for those who want to give their dad something to keep, here are a few suggestions for your contemplation. The following is an arbitrarily chosen selection and are in no particular order. We do hope it gives you some food for thought. Enjoy.

On behalf of us all here at IE, happy Father's Day to all engineering fathers out there.

1. Beer Brewing Kit - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: Mr. Beer/Amazon

Go one step further than a session down the local, buy your engineer father a brewing kit! What better Father's Day gift than this? There are many, many options out there for you to select from. Let them brew their own batch of wonderful beery goodness. This kit allows him to brew 2 gallons (7.5 liters) of beer. 

The complete kit comes with all the necessary items for brewing, so only the assistance of your regular kitchen equipment will be enough for you to start brewing with Mr. Beer, and the whole set costs you only $49.99.

2. I'm a Dad and an Engineer T-Shirt - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: Occupation/Amazon

If he's engineer and a dad, what's better than presenting him with this cool T-shirt that pretty much sums his situation and concludes "Nothing scares me." The color options vary from blue to grey, black and shades in between, but we bet he will love it once he puts it on. 

Coming to you for a modest price of $18.99., it is a great option if you feel like you are running out of ideas on this father's day. 


3. Life Hacks Book - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: Keith Bradford/Amazon

Would your dad like to know how to save his mobile phone after he accidentaly dropped into water? Perhaps they'd love to find out how to double the lifespan of their batteries? This book is a must for any tinkering father. It has 1,000 hacks in total, so your dad will be discovering a lot after this gift. 

And the paperback version will only cost you $12.49.

4. Desktop Robotic Arm - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: LewanSoul/Amazon

Does your dad need a hand when he's working from home? Perhaps something to hand him a pen or his coffee? Why not get them a helpful robotic arm? 
If he is into robotic stuff, he will love this gift. It can be operated wirelessly, through a wire, via a mouse, mobile phone, computer, or even a gamepad. It is 9.68 inches (246 mm) tall in total, weighing 1.98 pounds (0.9 kg), costing you $199.99. 

5. Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: Comgrow/Amazon

What better gift to give an engineer dad than a device he can create practically anything his imagination can create? Let his gift be this 3D printer and see his imagination and engineering skills shape in physical things he will be producing. 

Ender 3 Pro is a popular model with a removable built surface plate providing all-round protection, a safe power supply that can heat the hot bed to 110℃ in just 5 minutes in case of a power surge, a resume print function that keeps the printer producing the last project even after a power outage. There are many other features that make Ender 3 Pro a popular 3D Printer, and it costs you only $233.99.

6. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: Pangea/Amazon

Is your father into Star Wars? Is he also in love waffles? Well then, you might hit the bull's eye with your gift for the Father's Day.

Because after your gift, he will be going through an experience where he will be practically eating a Death Star each time he makes himself a waffle, which could be an ideal secret desire for every Star Wars fan out there. 
Costing you only $39.99., this is your pick if you are into something totally surprising for your father. 

7. Super Grip Socket - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: EVERSEE/Amazon

A great item for your father's DIY projects, this socket can automatically adjust to any size or shape, suitable for standard 1/4 to 3/4 inches and metric 7mm to 19mm screws, nuts, and blots, answering every need of your father during his work. 

Another big plus of this socket is that it has a power drill adapter in case if he wants to attach it to his drill. It can easily adjust to grasp most metric, hex, nuts, hooks, and most irregular shapes. 

8. ROKR Marble Run Kit - Buy Now

9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: ROKR/Amazon

If your father is into DIY and engineering stuff, you have a perfect gift to test his skills. Let's see if he can assemble this marble climber from scratch. Either he completely assembles it or does it halfway, we are pretty sure it will be a fun process for him. 
Plus, once assembled the model will look great either on his worktable or anywhere else in the house. Average completion time for the model is 4-5 hours, which could be another challenge for your father to work on. The model is now for $39.99 instead of $42.99. 

9. Manual Coffee Grinder - Buy Now


9 Special Father's Day Gift Ideas for Engineer Dads
Source: IMAVO/Amazon

Made of high quality pine wood, ceramic core and cast iron, here is a classy pick for a gift if your father's really into coffee, which is valid for a lot of engineers.

It's super easy to operate with hand-crank style mill that has a lot of nostalgia to it. A few turns will start the grinding process, and there will be no need for electricity whatsoever as the grinder operates fully manually. Another plus is the stylish look, as we bet it will add class to your father's kitchen or working table.