Beat the heat: The best rooftop RV air conditioners for your next adventure

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Best RV rooftop air conditioners

RV travel is an excellent way to enjoy an outing and experience new adventures. However, that can become a curse when temperatures rise, compelling you to compromise with the comfort that your RV offers.

An air conditioner is your best bet in such circumstances. Here's a collection of the best RV Air Conditioners to have your back and keep you cool in the sweltering heat. But before we dive in, let's look at some parameters you may need to consider before buying the perfect AC to suit your needs.

Factors to consider when buying an RV Air conditioner 

It would be best to consider multiple factors before zeroing down on the AC to buy for your RV. 

1. Type of air conditioner

RV Air conditioners come in two types: portable and rooftop. Portable ACs can be moved easily from one place to another, while rooftop ACs are installed on your RV's roof. This article will only look at rooftop AC units for an RV.

2. BTU Rating

BTU Rating is the essential parameter after you've decided on the type of air conditioner you wish to buy for your RV. Also known as British Thermal Units, BTU is a direct measure of the air conditioner's cooling capacity. The more power you have, the better cooling capacity you will enjoy. It's also essential to know the size of your RV and then choose an AC with the appropriate BTU rating.

3. SEER Rating

When buying the best RV Air conditioner, check the SEER rating, also known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This metric helps gauge the effectiveness of an AC over a particular season. The higher the ratio is, the more efficient the AC unit will be.

4. Noise Level

High noise levels can disturb your enjoyable RV experience to a considerable extent, so it's essential to choose one that has low decibel ratings to ensure a peaceful camping experience. 

5. Cost

RV Air conditioners can vary in pricing, given they come with different efficiency levels and BTU ratings. Hence, you have to have a budget before researching and investing in an RV air conditioner. Always remember the higher the price, the higher the energy efficiency and additional features to improve the overall experience.

The Top 5 Rooftop RV Air Conditioners 

That being said, let’s look at the best rooftop RV air conditioners you can install in your RV this summer.  

1. Dometic FreshJet 3 Air Conditioner

Dometic FreshJet 3 Air Conditioner

The Dometic FreshJet 3 Air Conditioner is also designed with sustainability in mind, featuring a lightweight construction and an energy-efficient design so you can save money on your electric bills. Overall, if you're embarking on a summer trip in the great outdoors, this AC will surely keep you cool and comfortable from the sweltering summer heat.

If you're looking for an RV air conditioner with a powerful and quiet performance, the Dometic FreshJet 3 is a great option. It's available in two sizes: 13,500 BTU and 15000 BTU. This ensures reliable cooling and dehumidification for your RV or camper. 

The FreshHet 3 AC's noise reduction also deserves a noteworthy mention; its impressive noise reduction technology provides a 4dB reduction in noise levels compared to its previous models. 

2. Dometic Brisk II Air Conditioner

Dometic Brisk II Air Conditioner

The Dometic Brisk II is a reliable and high-performing rooftop RV air conditioner that combines advanced technology with powerful cooling performance. With its durable construction and innovative design, this top-rated unit will ensure all the comfort and convenience in your RV trip outdoors.

The Dometic Brisk II Air Conditioner has a cooling power of 13,500 BTU and is designed to keep your RV cool and comfortable on the hottest summer days. The advanced dampening brackets work their best in reducing noise and vibration during operation. This technology ensures you have a serene and peaceful indoor environment while offering a commendable cooling performance.

The Dometic Brisk II Air Conditioner also boasts innovative technology and high-quality materials to maximize airflow and performance. Whether you're parked in the shade or under the hot sun, this RV air conditioner ensures you don't fall prey to the uncomfortability of sweat trickling down your neck in steamy weather.

3. Coleman RV Air Conditioner

Coleman RV Air Conditioner

The Coleman RV Air Conditioner is a powerful and efficient choice for any RV owner looking for reliable heating and cooling. With its impressive cooling capacity, electric heating element, and powerful fan, this AC unit will surely keep you cozy and comfortable on your travel journey.

The Coleman RV Air Conditioner is a fantastic choice if you're looking for a trustworthy RV air conditioner with a good cooling capacity. This AC unit offers 13,500 BTUs and is designed to provide reliable and efficient heating and cooling for your RV. 

The Coleman RV Air Conditioner also provides 320 cubic feet of air per minute. This ensures your RV stays chilled and comfortable even on the hottest days of summer. 

4. Douglas D20 Powerful Air Conditioner

Douglas D20 Powerful Air Conditioner

The Douglas D20 Air Conditioner is designed specifically for small spaces and offers an impressive cooling capacity for that matter. Also, you need not follow any complex procedures to get this unit installed in your RV. Anyone looking for a reliable rooftop AC unit; you certainly won't be disappointed with this machine.

The Douglas D20 is an excellent choice for an air conditioner if you're looking for one that's easy to install and doesn't require any complex procedures. It has a cooling capacity of 9800 BTUs and can provide efficient cooling even in cramped RVs and other small spaces. 

Another striking feature of this AC unit is that it is entirely battery-powered, which can be charged while driving to enjoy a reliable cooling performance. So, regardless of whichever adventure you’re on, rest assured you’ll never run out of cooling with this rooftop AC unit watching you from above.

5. Furrion Lippert RV Air Conditioner

Furrion Lippert RV Air Conditioner

The Furrion Lippert RV Air Conditioner is a powerful and efficient unit that provides a reliable cooling performance when you're traveling in your RV. The dual fans, powerful compressor, and a stylish mid-profile design is sure to keep you cool and comfortable no matter wherever you travel.

The Furrion Lippert RV Air Conditioner is an excellent choice if you're looking for an AC unit for just under a thousand bucks. With a cooling capacity of 15550 BTU, this device will ensure a relaxed atmosphere during hot outdoors. The dual fans are also one of its striking features, as they help the unit operate quietly and generate less heat. 

The Furrion Lippert RV Air Conditioner also features a high-capacity compressor that cools your RV faster than many other units. Apart from being stylish, this unit also helps improve gas mileage and overall performance on the road, unlike many other of its counterparts.

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