Chill out in style: 7 outdoor patio coolers for epic parties!

Party on, coolers out!
Atharva Gosavi
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If you're a hardcore party animal, you know very well summer is a time for backyard parties. Whether you're hosting a barbeque, a poolside bash, or just chilling with friends under the stars, one thing is essential: a killer patio cooler. If you want to avoid your drinks turning warm, this device is an absolute must, lest you want to run indoors every time to store your drink in the refrigerator again for cooling. 

We've listed a few options across different price ranges to make finding the best outdoor patio cooler a little easier. Let’s take a look and see how they fit in and cater to other requirements.

1. VEVOR Ice Cooler Cart

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VEVOR Ice Cooler

The VEVOR Ice Cooler Chest Cart is an 80-quart cooler cart that has a wooden track accent. Also, it has a sturdy build quality that can help it withstand the toughest weather connections. It comes with a host of useful accessories that'll ensure you can open your cans without having to run indoors every now and then to keep your drinks cool.

The VEVOR Ice Cooler has a premium appeal thanks to the brown finish. It's made of PU injection foam and food-grade PP insulation material, so it's possible to keep 320 soda cans cool for 48 hours. Also, there's extra space for more storage and table legs fitted with 360-degree multi-directional locking casters. The accessories that come with the cooler will ensure you can open your bottles without searching for an opener.

2. MADOG Classical Cooler

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MADOG Classical Cooler

From barbecues to pool parties to family gatherings, the MADOG Classical Cooler boasts a robust construction that promises long-term durability. Also, there's enough space, both in the cooler and below it for holding multiple cans, bottles, and other accessories. It can keep your cold bottles cold for around 48 hours.

Made of durable alloy steel, the MADOG Classical Cooler boasts a rich design and can hold 110 12 oz bottles without hassle. It's an ideal companion when partying outside, soaking up the summer heat. Equipped with 4 heavy-duty caster wheels, it's easily portable and can be moved around when needed. There's also a bottom shelf that can be used to store additional cans of soda, beer, beverages, and more. 

3. Keter Modern Cooler Bar

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Keter Modern Cooler Bar

The Keter Modern Cooler Bar differs in terms of its unique and aesthetically pleasing design structure. The lid of the bar can be elevated to 10 inches upwards and underneath, it holds the space to have beverages in a chilled state. Also, cleanup and maintenance is a breeze when it comes to this cooler bar.

If you want something functional and blessed with a great design, look no further than the Keter Modern Cooler Bar. It can hold your chilled beverages and beer cans as you play fun games with friends and family. The Keter Modern Cooler Bar is also resistant to all types of weather, including summer, winter, and rain. The bar lid can be lifted 10 inches upward, revealing a 7.5-gallon capacity to keep up to 40 12 oz cans chilled inside.

4. Permasteel 80-quart Patio Cooler

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Permasteel 80-quart Patio Cooler

The Permasteel 80-quart Patio Cooler comes with an insulated basin that makes it possible to keep your beverages cool for 36 hours. Furthermore, the cart is also well-equipped with a bottle opener and cap catcher so you don't need to worry about running indoors to keep your drinks cool. The easy-access lid makes it easy to access the cooler, while the drain allows it to become empty post the party.

There are many Permasteel models available on the market when it comes to getting an outdoor patio cooler. For starters, this 80-quart patio cooler is available in a host of colors along with four different styles. It can hold 110 cans of 12 oz, so you can rest assured about partying with a large group of friends while having this cooler to keep all your beverages ice cool.

5. Leigh Country 80-quart Coca-Cola Cooler

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Leigh Country 80-quart Coca Cola Cooler

This officially licensed Coca Cola Cooler can hold a large amount of cans, so you need not worry about using it in large parties in your backyard to keep beverages cold. It also has a removable lid and four caster wheels to easily transport it to a place of your choice. In terms of sturdiness and value for money, this bar cooler certainly doesn't disappoint!

Who doesn't remember that all-red background with the famous company name written in typographical style? This Coca-Cola icebox cooler features a lid that can be easily displaced to access the bottles kept in the cooler underneath. It can hold 75+ cans and comes with a drain play so the cooler can be emptied at the end of the party. Furthermore, the exterior metal construction ensures long-term durability and usage. 

6. Sunjoy Rolling Cooler

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Sunjoy Rolling Cooler

The Sunjoy Rolling Cooler has a large capacity that can handle parties of any size and keep a massive number of bottles cool at one time. It can be used in multiple settings, from bedroom and living space to backyards and swimming pools. Also, the woodgrain design gives it an edge in terms of appearance over other bar coolers on this list.

The Sunjoy Rolling Cooler instantly attracts eyeballs with its natural wood grain aesthetic and is a pleasing sight to behold when kept on the grass. Boasting an 80-quart capacity and a convenient design, this cooler can hold around 40 bottles simultaneously. Also, the four strong wheels can rotate 360 degrees for easy navigation and transportation. 

7. DEWALT 45 Qt Roto Molded Cooler

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DEWALT 45 Qt Roto Molded Cooler

DEWALT, known for engineering equipment, offers an ultra-lightweight 45-quart molded cooler. It endures harsh conditions, maintains temperature in high heat, and features convenient nylon straps for easy transportation. A must-have for keeping drinks cold on the go, whether at barbeques, jobsites, or campgrounds.

DEWALT is more of a well-known company in the power tools and other engineering equipment space, but that becomes no reason for you not to consider this ultra-lightweight 45-quart molded cooler. It can withstand the toughest treatment and ensure temperature optimization under great heat. 

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