Machinery of War: Why you really need to watch this military docuseries

If you like war machines and military history, you surely won't regret it!
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Here's why you need to watch Machinery of War

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The Machinery of War is a documentary series on Curiosity Stream that explores the technology and engineering behind some of history's most iconic and influential military machines. From tanks and submarines to airplanes and battleships, this series takes viewers on a fascinating journey through the evolution of warfare and the machines that made it possible.

As the series explores, war and the machines participating have undergone massive evolution over the last hundred years. In this way, automation and industrialization have made settling disagreements more complicated, expensive, and destructive than ever. 

This six-part series also examines how warfare has changed due to the introduction of tanks and the displacement of flashy cavalry regiments from the front lines. When artillery moved into the realm of science fiction, even infantrymen started to act as deadly weapons systems. 

What is Machinery of War about?

Due to the industrialization of warfare, the armaments industry had to expand quickly as they all competed to produce bigger, better, faster, and deadlier weapons. For example, in the 20th century, biplanes turned into drones that dropped bombs randomly before they became pinpoint weapons that could destroy whole cities.

Machinery of War: Why you really need to watch this military docuseries
The series includes real footage from various wars.

Because of this, the most dangerous weapons of today are fired from the angled decks of aircraft carriers or from far below the waves in naval combat, which has also changed a lot. 

As you watch the show, you'll soon see that violence, not necessity, seems to be the real "root of all invention." 

Machinery of War was published in 2019 and runs for just a single season, which is a real shame as it is packed with incredible visuals and must-know information on some of the mightiest war machines ever built. The show is one of the best military history shows on the site. It is narrated by Robert Lee, known for his work on Mythbusters. 

The series runs for six episodes, each covering several broad overviews of the main components of modern warfare, from stealth technology, defense and countermeasure systems, logistics vehicles, and raw destruction. By watching the series (either piecemeal or in a single binge session), you’ll understand how far military technology has come and how capable modern military forces are. 

What do the episodes in Machinery of War entail?

In the first episode, Battlefield Behemoths, we learn about the war's giant behemoths, powerful machines like the Panzer III and the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy that defy gravity with their size.

The second, called Stealth Systems, looks at secret operations, strategic attacks, and stealth technologies, such as camouflage suits and tools that make radar less effective.

The third is called Defensive Designs, and it looks at how defenses had to be made as weapons got more powerful. In the fourth episode, Mass Movement, machines move armies and their gear over land, water, and air.

Machinery of War: Why you really need to watch this military docuseries
By watching the series, you'll appreciate how much war machines have developed over time.

In the second-to-last episode, Accelerating Warfare, we learn how efficiency, speed, and the ability to move quickly are essential for winning a war. Mass Destruction, the sixth and final episode, looks at how dangerous machines can be on all scales and at technologies that have been made and are being made to cause the most damage.

It includes great visuals and expert interviews

The Machinery of War docuseries includes expert interviews and state-of-the-art animation. It looks at why different types of military equipment were made the way they were, from tanks to bombers to howitzers to aircraft carriers, and follows their journey from the factory to the battlefield.

The Machinery of War docuseries is a unique and interesting look at military technology and engineering history. It has beautiful pictures, expert commentary, and a lot of research. 

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Machinery of War

Machinery of war is a military docuseries that explores the technology behind some of history's most dangerous and influential war weapons. This six-episode docuseries is available on Curiosity Stream. You can watch it using the monthly or annual subscription.

It is available on Curiosity Stream - a platform where you can watch loads of documentaries across different genres. You can opt for a monthly subscription worth $5.99 or an annual subscription for $39.99.

So, if you like history or are interested in how war machines work, this enthralling docuseries will entertain and teach you.

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