Here’s what you should gift your kids on Pi Day

Without Pi, mathematics is incomplete. Here’s what you can gift your kids in the honor of the world’s greatest consonant.
Atharva Gosavi
Gifts for pi day
Gifts for pi day

Pi Day is celebrated every year on March 14 (3/14) to honor the mathematical constant π (pi), the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. Incidentally, it also happens to be the birthday of Albert Einstein, one of the most renowned physicists of his age.

Pi has been calculated to be over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point and continues infinitely without repetition or pattern. Pi Day is an opportunity to celebrate mathematics, science, and technology; Pi-themed activities, games, and projects often mark it.

If you’re attempting to get something meaningful your little munchkin will enjoy using, try these MEL Science math kits!

1. Mathematical Bridges

Mathematical Bridges

If your kid's a big fan of Bob the Builder, he or she couldn't ask for a better gift than the Mathematical Bridges kit. It's all about building structures, and you can rest assured your kid's also absorbing valuable math and science lessons while playing around with this kit.

The Mathematical Bridges set teaches kids to build robust structures from the materials given in the kit. From triangles to circles to simple shapes, you must create bridges that withstand weights greater than their own.

Four kinds of bridges can be built using this kit. These are beam, truss, arch, and cable-stayed bridges. This kit will teach your kid about the geometry involved in architecture and the basics of tension and compression.

2. Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity is a fantastic math kit that'll help your kids understand the sheer depth of numbers. The whole kit is about building various devices to show how infinity may actually look like.

Beyond Infinity is about building the Infinity Cube, a device that showcases the massive depth of infinity. It's an interesting math kit that'll make your kid curious about the wonders of mathematics and brood about how far numbers can go.

With this kit, kids can build various devices that give us an idea of how infinity might look like. To demonstrate the opposite of infinity, you can build a one-year clock that moves at the speed of a snail. In a nutshell, it's a great gift if you wish to develop curiosity about math in your kids' minds.

3. Explorer's Math

Explorer's Math

Exploring is a habit developed out of curiosity. If you find your little munchkin constantly asking questions about various things, the Explorer's Math kit is perfect to keep them busy. It teaches kids the importance and basics of measurement by building tools.

Here's a fantastic math kit that'll inspire the Ferdinand Magellan in your kids. Explorer's Math is an adventurous kit that'll teach your kids to measure the distance between places. They'll need to build two measuring and navigation devices - the Cruvimeter and the Sextant - and learn the measurement basics. 

Furthermore, they also get to explore an adventure map and learn how to navigate using stars and angles, just like an experienced sailor! In short, expect your kids to become masters in units of measurement when they tinker around with this kit.

4. How To Never Lose

How To Never Lose

How To Never Lose is a great math kit that'll ensure your kids improve their intelligence and sharpness in thinking. It'll show them how math isn't a subject just for classes, but how it can be used in the real world to expose scams and make sure you aren't fooled in any manner.

Playing with the How to never lose math kit will make your kids think sharper and become smarter with their thoughts. They'll learn to identify fair plays from scams by calculating probabilities and unearth the logic behind the veil of random number strings. 

Apart from exposing scams, they'll also learn how to calculate chances in a coin toss. The kit comprises a beam machine and token toss, promising enchanting and meaningful play time for kids.

5. The Art Of Math

The Art of Math

Math isn't just the boring formulas that you study in textbooks, and that's precisely what The art of math kit tries to establish. It's a beautiful fusion of math with art and teaches how kids can create artistic pieces by using mathematics as the base.

The Art Of Math kit is a beautiful fusion of science, math, and art. It teaches children to build a cycloid drawing machine with the help of three gears and an arm. Once ready, they can create beautiful patterns and stay amazed at their artwork. 

The Art Of Math kit aims to teach kids the basics of fractions and how to design their unique patterns using them. The cyclic drawing machine helps draw cycloids, and a puzzle will help kids explore the beauty of tessellation.

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