How to buy the inch-perfect TV stand for your home

Here's a roadmap to choosing the perfect TV stand.
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TV stands

TV stands are an essential piece of home decor in terms of design and functionality. A TV stand will help elevate the TV to better viewing angles and also provide extra storage space that can be used to hold decorative items or TV accessories. 

Buying the perfect TV unit is no mean feat; there’re a slew of factors that need to be considered and a bunch of checkboxes that need to be ticked before you can zero down on the ideal TV stand for you. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these factors; we advise you to follow the same chronology as listed below to make the right buying decision. 

1. Size

The size is the most crucial factor that needs to be checked before you get a TV stand. You need to consider two factors before choosing the right TV stand size: 

1)  Width of the TV

The size of your TV will majorly dictate which TV stand you should buy. Usually, we measure the diagonal of the TV screen to get the screen size. However, when it comes to measuring the TV size for the purpose of buying a TV stand, it’s better to consider the entire width of the TV.

Once you have measured the entire width of the TV, make sure the TV stand is at least 1.5 to 2 inches wider on both sides. This will ensure you don’t bump into the TV while walking and cause accidents or mishaps. 

2) Size of the living room

The living room size plays a crucial role in many ways. If you’ve chosen the perfect TV for your room considering its size, it’ll be easier to choose the best TV stand for it. 

However, if the choice of TV is wrong for the room in question, say you’ve got a TV that’s far too large for the room itself, you’ll have issues getting the perfect TV stand for the TV because it’ll consume too much space.

If you’re in the market for a new TV for your room, you can consider this buying guide on how to choose the perfect one without breaking the bank. 

Coming to the room size, considering you have the ideal size TV that suits your room, you can go for lofty TV stands for larger rooms. On the contrary, minimalistic pieces will go well with smaller rooms. 

3) The height of your seating

The height of your seating area will determine how tall the TV stand needs to be. Generally, a 40º view with a height of 95 to 100 cm is the benchmark for maintaining a good posture while watching TV, so the TV stand should be tall enough to satisfy these parameters. 

Furthermore, if you usually sit on chairs while watching TV, consider getting a taller TV stand. On the flip side, a short TV stand would be the ideal choice if you prefer a low couch. 

2. Type of the TV stand

Once you get the required accurate measurements, it’s time to choose what type of stand would be best for you. Design, aesthetics, and room size play a vital role in addressing this factor. 

There are oodles of choices to consider when it comes to buying the inch-perfect TV stand. Here are a few basic ones you should know about: 

1) Corner TV stand

Perlesmith Corner TV Stand

The Perlesmith Corner TV Stand has an adjustable height and can also swivel around, which makes it easier for viewers to have the perfect viewing angle. Furthermore, it also has a matte black finish with a tempered glass top that gives it a luxe look.

Corner TV stands boast a compact design and can help you save space. It should be the go-to choice if you’re considering a TV stand for a small room. The only drawback with this TV stand is you won’t get a high amount of extra storage space in case you wish to keep some decorative pieces to accent your home décor style. 

2) Media console

Alani Media Console

The Alani Media Console has a blend of solid and engineered wood with a neutral finish coupled with the X-frame paneling. It has two cabinets that'll allow you to store multiple objects ranging from TV accessories to books. The two center shelves is where you can place your cable box and entertainment console.

A media console is tailor-made for gaming aficionados. It can hold wired devices like gaming consoles, Play Stations, speakers, and much more; the cut-outs at the back available in media consoles help you manage the cables and wires and contribute significantly to keeping the TV area clutter-free. 

3) Entertainment center

Brixham Media Center

The Brixham Media Center Media Center is compatible with all TVs of size upto 85". It is made of solid wood and real wood veneers. It also boasts a bunch of different storage boxes that can be used to store various types of items. You'll need to assemble this entertainment center on arrival.

Now, here’s the perfect TV stand to go for if you have a significantly larger room. An entertainment center, also known as a media center, can house more than just a TV – but books, speakers, decorative pieces, and so much more. 

If you’re considering setting up a home theater system, an entertainment center is a great choice for this cause, albeit it’s not mandatory. These large units will usually consume a massive chunk of the wall, so you need to make sure the room is large enough to house an entertainment center. 

4) Wall mount stands

Ozge Floating TV Stand

The Ozge Floating TV Stand has a sleek and modern design and fit in with any decoration style. It also comes with three large drop-down cabinets that can be used to store different items. Also, there are five color options available, so you can choose one as per your decor style and requirements.

Wall mount TV stands, also known as floating TV stands, are a fantastic choice for middle-sized or large rooms since they can accent the TV space really well. Furthermore, since they’re the best choice for wall-mounted TVs, they offer you a massive chunk of space to decorate your TV area as well. 

5) Electric fireplace TV stands

Amerlife Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The Amerlife Electric Fireplace TV Stand is a simple and elegant design with a premium look and feel. It's easy to assemble and heat up a room in just minutes. This fireplace can heat a room up to 400 square feet and can complement any living space.

Electric fireplace TV stands are often lauded for their multi-functionality. They can hold a TV, provide some extra storage space, and also emanate warmth when the chilly and frosty winters creep in. 

3. Design

TV stands are usually the centerpiece of the living room since they’re the tallest shiny objects and usually attract the attention of your guests. Hence, you need to ensure there’s no mismatch between the TV stand you choose and your home décor style. Choosing the design depends on two factors:

1) Material

If you prefer rustic or vintage décor, going for wood TV stands is the most plausible choice. Choose one out of cherry, mahogany, oak, or maple. For a room with modern décor, you can consider going for TV stands with glass or marble tops. Modular TV stands will also accent your modern living room in an aesthetic way. 

Metal TV stands are also a great choice if you have a contemporary room design. They offer commendable sturdiness and durability. 

2) Color

When it comes to TV stand colors, gray, black, white, and brown are the standout choices. However, that doesn’t go to say you can’t experiment with other color choices. 

For a luxurious look, you can consider a white or black color, while gray can accent a room with rustic décor quite well. If you’ve got a mid-century style going on in the living room, a brown TV stand is an obvious choice. 

4. Extra Features

Storage is definitely one of the extra features you should look out for if you have a bunch of TV-related accessories to store. Furthermore, adjustable shelves are another excellent feature worth considering if you want to fit items of different sizes into the TV stand. 

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