8 multifunctional industrial bookshelves for storage

They can store so much more than just books!
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Bookshelves come in many shapes, sizes, and types. Industrial bookshelves, in particular, are known for storing multiple home decor items besides books, like vases, plants, and clocks. Thanks to its multifunctional use, it's a great choice to go for that can also accent your home decor.

While buying an industrial bookshelf, it's essential to consider a few things before making an educated buying decision.

1. Number of shelves

The number of shelves is essential because it determines the space you'll get for storage. Usually, five-tier shelves should suffice, but if you're opting for more storage, you can go for a six-tier bookshelf.

2. Design and build quality

The build quality depends on the type of frame. Metal is usually the norm in this scenario. Meanwhile, a matte finish enhances the overall look of the bookshelf and also helps improve your home decor.

3. Pricing

Pricing is always subjective; anything between $130 to $170 is a good investment if you wish to get a durable and reliable industrial bookshelf.

Now that we've listed the criteria, let's turn gears toward our recommendations.

1. Modrine Industrial Bookshelf

Modrine Industrial Bookshelf

An easy to setup bookshelf that can withstand enough load and store various items. Ideal for storing books and decor items. It can fit in with any room indoor and outdoors as well.

A modern five-shelf bookshelf that can be used for multiple purposes, the Modrine Industrial Bookshelf guarantees durability and reliability. From books to decor items, you can store almost anything you wish on this shelf. Each shelf can withstand a weight of 75 lbs, so you've got plenty of options to decorate each shelf with.

The Modrine bookshelf can also be used outdoors. It's a particularly good shelf to consider if you want to store gardening tools or plants in your backyard. Other uses include living room, kitchen, and kids' bedrooms. Wait, isn't that almost every nook and corner in which this bookshelf can fit?

2. Rolanstar Industrial Bookshelf

Rolanstar Industrial Bookshelf

Sturdy, durable, and reliable in its own terms. This bookshelf has ample amount of space for storing various items. It can easily be used in home, kitchen, office, bedroom, or outdoors.

Looking for a larger shelf with extra space as compared to the previous one? The Rolanstar Bookshelf offers an extra shelf and can be used for similar purposes. However, in terms of looks, it's a pretty simple design. So, you might want to rethink adding a bookshelf that goes with your room decor if simplicity isn't your cup of tea.

Available in two sizes and colors, this bookshelf boasts a sturdy frame with reliable quality. It's also a cinch to install; it can be ready for use in about 20 minutes. There are also multipurpose hooks to let you hang your headphones or other small home items.

3. OIAHOMY Industrial Bookshelf

OIAHOMY Industrial Bookshelf

This five-tier bookshelf has sturdy and stable slabs that can hold commendable weight. A stylish, vintage design that can fit in with any decor style. Easy to assemble and built to last long.

The OIAHOMY Industrial Bookshelf is available in two rustic designs. A metal wall mount bookshelf by nature, it is built with a sturdy metal frame combined with an MDF board that just oozes durability. Each of the five shelves can hold 135 lbs. From family photos to books to heavier decor items, it's a perfect place to display your belongings.

The clear instructions for installation will help you assemble this bookshelf within no time. If you're looking for a value-for-your-money purchase that can go with various settings in your home or office, this is the perfect option to consider.

4. WH-AOERPUMY Bookshelf


If design is your primary concern apart from storage, this bookshelf should definitely beat the top of your list of potential bookshelves. Strong, reliable, and easy to assemble; it's got everything you need of a good, long-lasting bookshelf.

If you're looking for something sleek and stylish that also enhances your decor rather than just standing as an object, holding display items, the WH-AOERPUMY Bookshelf surely won't disappoint. The reason we say this is the shiny wood shelves with the wrought iron matte black frame will have your guests praising it the moment they see it.

It's all about simple design, and that's what this bookshelf nails perfectly. It's easy to assemble and a perfect addition to any type of decor. Each of these shelves can hold around 70 lbs. From flower vases to books to family photos, here's the perfect bookcase to hold it all!

5. Kemanner Industrial Bookcase

Kemanner Industrial Bookshelf

A minimalistic design that can go with any type of decor style. The bookshelf also promises long-lasting performance with its sturdy frame. It can hold a bunch of items, just as you'd expect any industrial bookshelf to do.

Returning again to simplicity, the Kemanner Industrial Bookshelf can fit in with any home decor style thanks to its simple design. This rustic wood bookshelf exudes elegance, thanks to its minimalist design.

The Kemanner four-shelf bookcase can go well indoors as well as outdoors; it's up to you how you want to use it. Just know this, durability and reliability are both in the bag if you decide to loosen your purse strings for this bookshelf.

6. Anynice Industrial Ladder Shelf

Anynice Industrial Ladder Shelf

A sleek and shiny ladder shelf that offers you the choice to decide the number of shelves as per your requirement. It has a complete industrial look and is easy to assemble. The perfect value-for-money purchase that can enhance your home decor as well.

If there are two words you'd ask to describe the Anynice Industrial Ladder Shelf, they'd be sleek and simple. This retro wood bookshelf has a vintage look that can be easily mounted on the wall. It's available in white or weathered brown.

Regarding shelves, you can choose from four, five, or six based on your requirements. The sturdy iron pipe frame ensures your belongings are held safely.

7. LELELINKY Industrial Bookshelf

LELELINKY Industrial Bookshelf

A retro design bookshelf available in two different colors. It boasts a strong build quality. Easy assembly is yet another hallmark that makes it totally worth the price tag.

The LELELINKY Industrial Bookshelf is available in two distinct colors - white and light brown. This engineered wood model can function both as a bookcase and a display organizer. The retro design makes it a good choice, no matter where you choose to place it.

Thanks to its sturdy steel tube, the LELELINKY bookshelf is built to last for the long term and has a robust design to brag about. The assembly is simple and easy, so you can have this bookshelf adorned in your home in no time.

8. Bestier Industrial Bookshelf

Bestier Industrial Bookshelf

Another sturdy and robust bookshelf built for the long term. It also has a vintage, simple design that could easily go with any decor. It's available in two different colors.

Coming to the last one of our recommendations, the Bestier Industrial Bookshelf has five tiers and ample space to store various items. This trapezoid-shaped bookshelf is built with a robust metal frame. There are X-frames on each side to ensure stability. The clear installation instructions make the process a breeze, and you can have this bookshelf up and ready to use in no time.

Each of the shelves can hold around 50 lbs. We'd recommend using light weighted items to be stored if you opt for this bookshelf.

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