5 reasons why small businesses should switch to no-code development

Build apps and websites without racking your brains on lines of code.
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Small business planning
Small business planning

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Writing code for developing apps and websites is a cumbersome task – and every coder will agree. Projects involving complex lines of code take months to complete, increasing lead times for a project.

In an era where it's becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses and solopreneurs to sustain themselves in a competitive market, it all boils down to how they best use their resources to their advantage. No-code platforms are one of the first ways to achieve goals frugally.

With no-code applications, users can now build enterprise-grade applications literally in days. Plus, it covers oodles of shortcomings you would usually experience in traditional software development.

How does no-code work?

5 reasons why small businesses should switch to no-code development
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The whole idea of no-code development is to empower users to create applications and websites without writing a single line of code. Beneficial, especially for small businesses and solopreneurs who are running on a shoestring budget, no-code applications use visual drag-and-drop interfaces to develop websites and apps.

No-code applications have risen in demand, especially post-pandemic, thanks to the agility and speed they offer businesses in building products. Let's take a glance at some of the reasons why small businesses and solopreneurs should opt for no-code development.

1. It saves you time — and money. 

Using the drag-and-drop builder means you won't need to spend countless hours racking your brains writing code. That's where you save the majority of your time and energy, which can be dedicated to other parts of your business. The visual development scenario means you can get a peek at what you're building in real-time and make changes accordingly.

Oh, and did we talk about the costs? The absence of code means you won't need to hire a large team of developers, and that'll definitely save you a chunk of cash.

2. Easy accessibility

The fact that you don't need to write lines of code is the chief reason why no-code development ends up with endless possibilities for users. And one of them is getting started right away with building apps and websites, even if you don't have the slightest idea about coding. 

You don't need to wait for experts to build your first product. In fact, no-code applications are frequently used to create MVPs by many early-stage entrepreneurs, albeit they can do so much more.

3. Integration made easy

5 reasons why small businesses should switch to no-code development

Running a business means using different tools for different kinds of tasks. You'd need Salesforce for a sales pipeline, HubSpot for CRM, and Asana for project management. While these tools are meant for productivity, not having them connected means you'd end up working more than required.

With no-code applications, you can create productive workflows to enhance efficiency. And the beauty is that no-code apps can help you design workflows that are specifically tailored to your business. You can build internal systems for a meager percentage of your development by hiring skilled no-code developers.

4. Testing is a cakewalk

No-code applications empower you to embrace an agile approach to application development. You can create dashboards for your workflows and also make changes to them within a short time span.

Alter pages or change workflows, and you can work with different iterations of the product and get quick results, making experimentation a piece of cake. You can develop features instantly and test them out. In a nutshell, changes can be deployed at lightning speed in contrast to traditional software development.

5. Accelerating innovation

Given the immense speed at which no-code apps help build products, small businesses can save time and invest it in experimentation. The sheer agility it offers is an impressive catalyst that’ll accelerate the innovation in your business. 

Add the fact that a no-code application requires very little maintenance, so you need not worry about handling enormous complications while trying to stay updated. In the end, always remember; the more you experiment, the more you innovate. 

How to switch to no-code development

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No Code MBA

No Code MBA is a project-based course that aims to help solopreneurs and small businesses realize their creative ideas and develop apps and websites without writing a single line of code. Users can get a hands-on experience in building apps by completing the projects. Also, No Code MBA offers a community of like-minded individuals for discussions and doubt resolution.

For your million-dollar idea to take the perfect shape, you’ll need to get acquainted with the basics of no-code development. If you’re unfamiliar, building an app or a website will be an uphill battle. 

For those who’d love to get started with building apps, websites, and automation, AppSumo offers No Code MBA – a comprehensive and action-oriented learning course that’ll take you through the nitty-gritty of building websites and apps without having to write a single line of code.

No Code MBA provides step-by-step video tutorials so you can grasp the fundamentals of no-code development without getting overwhelmed. You’ll build products similar to Product Hunt, Zillow, and Headspace to get well-acquainted with the skills required to build the idea of your dreams. 

Apart from project-based learning, users also have access to the No Code MBA community to get their doubts and queries answered. 

Here are a few more course benefits you can enjoy:

  • One-time purchase and lifetime access to course content

  • Updates on all future No Code MBA plans

  • Learn by building actual applications in a fun way

  • 60-day money-back guarantee: try it out for 2 months to make sure it fits perfectly with your goals!

Make sure you obtain the required arsenal before taking your first steps in the world of no-code development with the No Code MBA course.

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