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Best entertainment units


Creating a modern, stylish home can be a daunting task. Honestly, there are oodles of factors to consider – from sofa sets to rugs to wall art and much more. But done right, an entertainment unit can deliver the required flair and sophistication you’d love to have in your living room.

From sleek to contemporary designs to classic models with plenty of storage, we’ve rounded up a collection of seven highly impressive entertainment units you won’t regret buying. 

Factors to consider before you buy

Buying a TV entertainment unit might look tempting but make sure you don’t make a decision hastily, or else you may end up regretting your choice. Here are some parameters to consider to help you make the right choice.

1. Consider the room size

The first and most crucial thing to consider is the size of your living room. TV entertainment units are usually tailored for large living rooms. Get too big a unit for a midsize or a small room, and that’ll spoil the entire aesthetic of the space. In that case, you can consider getting a nice TV stand.

Before choosing whether to buy an entertainment unit, ask yourselves these three questions:

  • How much space do you have available?

  • What is the TV size, and how much surface will it need?

  • Will there be enough space to walk around after the entertainment unit fits in?

Considering there’ll be other furniture in your living room, like a sofa set and a coffee table, you’d want to ensure the room doesn’t get congested after you buy a TV entertainment unit.

2. Give a thought to the style

Style, color, and the material of a media center will have a large impact on your home decor, so it’s wise to weigh your options carefully. Wooden entertainment units are the most common choice if you’d like to add a vintage feel to your home.

On the other hand, for a modern aesthetic, consider going for a modular entertainment unit; it also works well if you’re keen on having a minimalistic look. White, brown, and black are the three most common colors for an entertainment unit. A white media center gives your room a luxe look, while a black unit adds flair and sophistication. For a vintage style, consider going for entertainment units that have shades of brown. 

3. Storage space

Media centers are built for TVs, but their specialty lies in the fact that they offer extra functionality with decks and drawers to store various types of items. You need to know how much storage space you require, as that’ll also help determine the overall price of the entertainment unit.

That being said, here’re our top picks for the entertainment units you can consider buying.

1. Bush Furniture Entertainment Center

Three-piece entertainment center
Bush Furniture Entertainment Center

The Bush Furniture Entertainment Center is quite different in contrast to the typical entertainment unit that you can imagine - a large rectangular enclosed structure with a host of shelves. This three-piece center gives everything you'd need - ample space for TV, two different storage shelves for books and other items, and an electric fireplace that can heat up to 1000ft during frosty winters.

The Bush Furniture Entertainment Center is a fine blend of manufactured wood with metal hardware. If you’ve got a farmhouse or industrial decor set up in your home, this one will fit in seamlessly and make the living space more inviting and appealing. 

This three-piece furniture piece consists of an electric fireplace TV stand and has ample space to house a TV with sizes up to 70 inches. Additionally, you get two bookcases on either side of the TV stand with four fixed shelves and one adjustable shelf. 

2. Gwen Entertainment Center

Three-piece media center with ample storage space
Gwen Entertainment Center

Made of wood and exuberating luxury, the Gwen Entertainment Center is a classic rustic piece of furniture that'll make your living room more inviting. You get ample amount of storage space with this three-piece unit. Manufactured with wood and metal, it also has tempered glass doors that add a sophisticated look to the entire set.

Another three-piece entertainment unit that’ll give your home a sophisticated appearance. The Gwen Entertainment Center can be paired up with two bookshelves on the side. It’s a fantastic choice for people who love rustic decor.

The two bookshelves have eight shelves in total, while the TV stand can house items behind a tempered glass door on four shelves, which makes the whole unit an appealing piece of furniture. There’s a wall anchor included for extra stability. 

3. Lagitch Media Center

A media center housing a TV and other items
Lagitch Media Center

The Lagitch Media Center is made of manufactured wood and boasts adjustable shelves for storing different types of items. It's a great choice to consider for a mid-sized living room since it won't take up too much space and also enhances the home decor style. The two bookshelves can be placed on either side or separately as per requirements.

Looking for a stylish and sophisticated TV entertainment unit for a mid-sized room? The Lagitch Media Center is tailor-made for this cause. Rising to a height of 104 inches, it comes with a TV stand and two storage shelves on either side; you can place all three units together or separately according to your requirements. 

The Lagitch Media Center is made of engineered wood and has an ample amount of fixed and adjustable shelves for storage. You’ll need to partially assemble it on arrival. 

4. Delaine Media Center 

Delaine Media Center

The Delaine Media Center is made of engineered wood and comes with two shelves that can be placed on either side of the main TV stand. Also, it has an electric fireplace TV stand for keeping the room warm in winter.

The Delaine Media Center is available in five different colors and has a sleek and stylish design that gives it a premium look. This one also comes with two different shelves for added storage. The main TV stand is equipped with an electric fireplace that has three changeable colors and can be controlled via a remote. 

5. Bellaby Media Center

Entertainment unit with TV and other items
Bellaby Media Center

The Bellaby Media Center boasts a sleek white finish and a chic aesthetic that’s like a breath of fresh air. This engineered wood construction has an ample amount of storage space coupled with a fireplace that can heat large rooms easily during winter.

The Bellaby Media Center is a farmhouse-style entertainment unit with a combination of cabinet storage and open display space. Constructed with engineered wood, this media center has an antique white finish replicated with oak grain. Furthermore, this media center also has cutouts, so you can avoid the clutter of wires. It also comes with a fireplace that can provide heat up to 1000 sq. ft. 

6. Edetta Media Center

Edetta Media Center

The Edetta Media Center isn't a very tall entertainment unit, and that makes it a great choice for midsize rooms. It contains multiple shelves so you can decorate the TV surrounding with appropriate showpieces. Also, there are five drawers at the bottom for holding additional items.

The Edetta Media Center boasts a luxe appearance thanks to the use of oak veneers and rubberwood solids. It also has seven shelves in floating style, suspended by using metal tubes that give it a unique appearance. Featuring a burnished beige finish, this media center has wire management provisions, so you need not fuss about clutter getting created due to wires. 

7. Abalone Media Center

Abalone Media Center

The Abalone Media Center comes with built-in LED lights that give it a rich, opulent look. It has got wood and glass backdoors coupled with a cable management system that ensures wires don’t end up in a clutter.

The Abalone Media Center has an exquisite design, and that’s down to the built-in LED touch lights. Capable of accommodating TVs up to 70” wide, this entertainment unit has a wooden construction with a curved base at the top that offers storage space. 

Furthermore, there are two glass cabinets at the bottom to feature your gaming console or cable box. Designed with a farmhouse-style finish, the Abalone Media Center also boasts open shelves that can hold decorative pieces. 

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