Tablet buying guide 2023 – 9 essentials to consider

Make sure you give this a read before buying a new tablet!
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Tablet buying guide


The best way to define a tablet, given its size and functionality, is that it’s the perfect marriage between a smartphone and a PC. It boasts a larger screen than a mobile phone but smaller than a laptop and can be used for multiple purposes.

From checking emails and browsing search results to listening to songs and watching movies, tablets provide an elevated experience in terms of everything you could possibly do on a smartphone. And, in terms of weight and size, they’re so much better than laptops when you travel a lot and need a sizable unit for work or entertainment. 

Now, buying a tablet is no easy task, given there are so many good options available on the market. If you’re bewildered while browsing all the possibilities, here are ten of the most important things to consider before deciding on the best tablet for you.

1. The purpose

Before you even start looking at the options, it’s always a good idea to determine why you want to buy a particular device. That way, you’ll be able to make a purchase decision with better clarity. 

When it comes to buying a tablet, you need to know the purpose of purchasing one. Whether it’s for casual browsing, entertainment on the go, playing games, or a sort of substitute for your laptop, remember, knowing your preferences will also help you decide what to look for. Hence, make sure you don’t skip this step before you fork out the cash. 

2. The price

Tablet buying guide 2023 – 9 essentials to consider
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Price is the most crucial deal-breaker in any bid to buy a tablet. If you’re ready to loosen your purse strings to buy one of the highest quality, then it's of little concern. However, if you’ve chalked out a budget, that’d mean having to make do with some of the requirements in case you like a tablet that exceeds the threshold. 

Your search for the best tablet will be a lot easier if your purpose for purchase is clear so that you can decide on a budget accordingly. 

3. The operating system

Different brands have different operating systems, so it’s essential to decide on one after you’ve determined the tablet's purpose. The operating system you go for will ultimately decide the brand and vice-versa. So, if you’re a fan of any particular brand or you have a particular OS in mind you’re interested in working with, make sure to weigh the pros and cons neatly. 

Here’s a brief description of what each OS can offer.

1) Apple iPad OS

If you already own a MacBook, we’d recommend opting for an Apple iPad because you’ll be able to enjoy the synergy between these two devices. What’s more, you can also use your Apple iPad as a second monitor or even convert it into a substitute for your MacBook by adding a keyboard and mouse. 

In terms of functionality, the Apple iPads are known for their smooth user interface, oodles of useful apps, and smooth multitasking experience. For painting and drawing enthusiasts, or even those interested in creating NFT art, look no further than an Apple iPad. 

2) Android OS

The best substitute for the iPad OS is the Android OS. Like its competitor, tablets with Apple Android OS also have no scarcity of apps to offer via the Google Play Store. What’s more, they’re comparatively affordable to Apple iPads, so if you’re looking out for a budget tablet for moderate use, a tablet with the Android OS is your best bet. 

These tablets are also great options for children who wish to own one for both entertainment or study purposes. However, having an Android phone and a tablet may not give you the same synergy that you’d otherwise enjoy with Apple devices. 

3) Windows OS

Microsoft’s Windows OS is probably the best option to go for if you’re looking for a substitute for your Windows PC. They’re powerfully built to even run software development tools, so if you need to code consistently on the go, this OS is the best to go for. It’s almost a sleek and lighter version of any Windows laptop you can think of that’s available on the market. 

4) Chrome OS

The Chrome OS is a downgrade of the Android OS; you can probably use it for everything that you’d use an Android tablet for. However, if you’re looking for picture quality and a powerful tablet, these ones should be lower on your preference list. 

Yes, you get portable Chrome OS tablets, but they’d serve as better options for school children who wish to use tablets for studies. 

4. The size and weight

Tablets are a preferable choice for many people just because they offer a larger and more immersive experience as compared to a mobile phone without compromising too much on size and weight. In a nutshell, they’re excellent travel partners. 

Generally, it’s a good choice to go with a tablet between 9 to 12 inches because it provides optimal physical specifications in every area. It’s not too heavy and not too large, so you can easily carry it with you on the go. 

The tablet size will also depend on how you intend to use it. If you’re viewing it as a substitute for your laptop and you’d like to make it convertible by attaching an external keyboard to it, you can opt for tablets with a screen size of 12 inches and above. 

5. The battery life

Tablet buying guide 2023 – 9 essentials to consider
Source: Amazon

A good battery life will ensure you don’t need to be constantly charging your brand-new tablet. Regardless of whatever purpose you buy a tablet for, we’d always recommend choosing one that can last for a long time, so you can cut out the hassle of charging it frequently. 

There are two standards for measuring the battery life of a tablet. The first is how long the tablet lasts on consistent web browsing, while the second is about watching videos. The latter tends to drain more power. 

Also, if you’re planning to use it for heavy gaming, the battery life of the tablet will be shorter than expected. A standard parameter of good battery life is at least seven to eight hours of video playback. 

6. The storage

Good storage ensures you can back up the maximum amount of your data on your tablet. Storage will come in handy, especially if you’re an avid gamer who loves trying out different games. It also happens to be an important specification if you’re a camera guy who loves clicking photos. 

If you’re a gamer or a camera person, we’d recommend any tablet with a storage space of 256 GB and above. If you’re using it for light work or only watching movies and TV shows online, a 128 GB tablet should easily suffice. 

7. The processor

Better performance and improved battery life are the two crucial reasons why a processor must be an essential part of the consideration in your decision to buy a tablet. Having the latest processor in a particular series will all but ensure a superfast working capability and guarantee longer hours of usage. 

8. The camera

Now, the camera isn’t as essential a parameter as it is when buying a smartphone. However, that doesn’t go to say this area should be totally neglected. If you’re going to use your brand-new tablet for a better video-calling experience, having an 8 MP front camera is all but mandatory. Furthermore, 4K recording capabilities will also ensure better quality videos. 

9. The after-sales service

Tablet buying guide 2023 – 9 essentials to consider
Source: Amazon

Often, users face issues with their newly purchased tablets, and that’s when after-sales comes into play. An abysmal after-sales experience may make you grumpy, so to avoid that state of mind, it’s essential to check the company reviews on how they provide after-sales services. 

For instance, brands like Apple and Samsung are known for providing top-quality after-sales services, while others may not be as efficient in this domain. 

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