Rimac Nevera Beats Tesla Model S Plaid Hands Down

It seems that Tesla is not the ultimate winner anymore.

Rimac Nevera Beats Tesla Model S Plaid Hands Down
Nevera ahead of the Model S Plaid Drag Times/YouTube

Just last month, we brought you the drag race comparison of the past and the future. Legacy carmaker Porsche's Taycan Turbo S was comfortably beaten by the all-electric Tesla Model S Plaid. But just weeks later, Tesla met more than its match in the Rimac Nevera hypercar. A video by Drag Times offers us a real comparison between two cars and at the end of the three-race competition, numbers just reveal it all.

Nevera was unveiled in June this year and from the start, and the parent company Rimac has left no stone unturned to ensure that its four-wheel-drive delivers an exciting all-electric driving experience. Whether we look at the superior output of 1914 horsepower or the 0-60 mph (100km/h) speed in 1.85 seconds, it is clear that the Nevera was designed to be the top-electric car everybody would want to beat. 

The Model S Plaid comes with its own history of beating supercars, so there isn't much to speak about its capabilities. Therefore we will just dive into what transpired at the Famoso Dragstrip in California when the two cars faced off in a quarter-mile drag race. 

As you can see, the Model S Plaid spends most of its time in the rear-view mirror of the Nevera. Here's a confirmation of the numbers. 

 Tesla Model S PlaidRimac Nevera
 Time / Top Speed Time / Top Speed
Race 19.272 seconds / 152.68 mph8.655 seconds / 166.66 mph
Race 29.312 seconds / 151.34 mph8.641 seconds / 166.44 mph
Race 39.294 seconds / 151.75 mph8.615 seconds / 166.39 mph

If you do remember the comparison with Taycan, the latter could not hit single digits on the clock while the Nevera does not look like hitting nine seconds even by mistake. We had previously covered that the Nevera completes the quarter-mile in eight seconds but things are no very different for this hypercar when cruising alone or with one of the most sold electric cars in the market. 


The bare weights of both cars are also very similar, so there is hardly the question of Tesla pulling additional weight. Customers looking to get their hands on the Nevera will get the top speed of 258mph (412 km/h) by sacrificing a bit on the range. The Nevera covers 342 miles (550 km) on a single charge as against Model S 390 miles (628 km). Also, not to mention they need to shell out a lot more. 

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