Ring Lets You Feel the Heartbeat of Your Loved Ones

Ring Lets You Feel the Heartbeat of Your Loved Ones

ring heartbeat[Image Source: TouchX]

Modern technology makes long distance relationships and connecting with loved ones while traveling much easier. Still though, feeling physical touch between you and your loved one can be hard. A new ring with built in sensors and motors allows you to feel your spouse or significant other's heartbeat from across the world.

exploded ring[Image Source: TouchX]

"6000 years ago people started to wear rings on 4th finger of left hand believing that vein is directly connected to the heart. – Today there are over 1 billion people following this tradition and we push it one step further" ~ The Touch

These HB Rings, as they are called, while packed with technology are surprisingly slim and stylish. They are created from stainless steel or rose gold. The black you notice around the center is a composite sapphire surface, which makes the ring glisten and difficult to scratch. Like many other connected devices, these rings hook up to an app through Bluetooth. If the user taps on the ring, you can instantly feel the other wearer's heartbeat giving you an added amount of comfort.

luxury ring[Image Source: TouchX]

These innovative rings are currently available for pre-order here.

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