Did Russia Build the World's First Successful Teleporter?

YouTube channel Paranormal Elite released a video they say depicts successful teleportation in Russia. Is there any truth to the claim?

Did Russia Build the World's First Successful Teleporter?

Mr. Spock, is that you?

"Some people" claim this video, taken from a dashcam in 2012, shows teleportation. It was recently shared by the Paranormal Elite YouTube channel, and people haven't stopped speculating since.

“Some people think the photos depict an instance in which time travel or teleportation was caught on tape,” the channel wrote. Of course, those "people" were never named.


As with any "some people" story, the gut reaction for most is to laugh it off as a trick of the camera or good editing. However, the Telegraph reported earlier this year that Vladimir Putin had wanted teleportation by 2035. The Kremlin plans to spend $2.1 trillion on researching cybernetics, quantum computing, and neural interfaces, according to the report. Thus, the speculation has a little more to it than just a Doctor Who-style fantasy.

While there are plenty of advances in the realm of quantum physics, we doubt this video is a guarantee that teleportation has arrived.

Via: Paranormal Elite

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