Samsung Unveils New Flip Phone-Style Foldable Phone Concept

The "clamshell" concept comes at the same time Galaxy Fold's re-reviews hit the press.

Samsung teased a new "clamshell" foldable phone concept that harks back to the old days of Motorola flip phones with a modern foldable screen twist.

The concept was teased at SDC19, the company's developer conference, this week.

Does Samsung's foldable screen tech really hold up though? Reviews of the Galaxy Fold indicate that, even after several fixes, the technology still has a way to go.


The clamshell concept

The new concept, which Samsung hasn't yet given a name, resembles a traditional flip phone thanks to its vertically folding foldable screen.

Samsung Unveils New Flip Phone-Style Foldable Phone Concept
Source: (screen capture) Samsung/YouTube

“This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone,” Hyesoon Jeong, head of Samsung’s framework R&D group, explained onstage at Samsung’s Developer Conference.

As The Verge points out, Samsung didn't spend a lot of time detailing the device and gave no real indication when the company plans to make it available.

The Seoul-base company might want to fix issues with its foldable screen technology before it does. Re-reviews of Samsung's Galaxy Fold — after original review copies had to be sent back — indicate that the phone has improved, but is still incredibly fragile considering its two thousand dollar price tag.

Looking to the future

Samsung clearly believes in the direction it's taking, however. Though there were no real mentions of specifications for the flip phone concept, or whether the phone would use the same foldable screen technology as the Galaxy Fold, the concept was used to segue into the topic of a new UI update for all of its phones.

“As a pioneer in the foldable category, we understand that every innovative form factor requires an equally innovative user experience,” explained Jeong.

While details are scarce, the future of smartphones might hark back to the flip phone — a technology the first smartphone helped to overthrow.

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