In this article, Interesting Engineering discusses the scientific proofs debunking flat-Earth theories.

Sade Agard | 17 hours ago

Scientists analyzed cat videos to figure out if cats are fighting or playing.

The Conversation | 17 hours ago

An interview with the mineralogist who discovered the never-before-seen lower mantle mineral, Davemaoite, reveals more about Earth's mantle.

Sade Agard | 1/28/2023

An article looks at the animals restoring lost ecosystems with their unique engineering skills.

The Conversation | 1/28/2023

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The European Space Agency is using a unique robotic arm to bring back Martian samples to Earth collected by the Mars Perseverance rover.

Pallas's cat has been found on Mount Everest for the first time.

Nergis Firtina | 1/27/2023

Gammar-ray eclipses allowed scientists to determine important properties of distant pulsars in 'spider' star system observations.

Chris Young | 1/27/2023

A journalist bought Jo Zayner's DIY genetic engineering kit and edited human kidney tissue.

Nergis Firtina | 1/27/2023

"We could not have asked for more from InSight," Anna Harleston, co-lead of NASA InSight's Marsquake Service told IE.

Chris Young | 1/27/2023

A team of researchers developed a gene-editing technique that uses zinc-finger editing and AI for quicker, safer genetic therapy.