10 Most Useful Vinegar Hacks for Around the House

Trevor English
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When it comes to cleaning products, many of them are 90% water with only 10% actual cleaning chemical. It is hard to rationalize spending a lot of money on products that can he hit or miss when it comes to actually cleaning too. Most of us probably have white vinegar laying around the house, but did you know that you can utilize it in many ways to make your life that much easier? From keeping your iron nice and shiny to getting the grime off your keyboard, check out 10 of the most useful vinegar hacks!


Vinegar is a weak and non-toxic form of acetic acid, which is used in cleaning products across the board. This means that you can use vinegar to clean a lot of things around the house for a fraction of the price of name brand cleaning supplies. If you don't want everything in your house smelling like vinegar, simply add some essential oils or lemon juice.

You can use a vinegar mix to polish your leather shoes or even as a cheap glass cleaner. There really isn't much that vinegar can't do when it comes to cleaning. Here are some other uses for vinegar:

- Removing stickers

- Waxing floors

- Remove calcium on faucets and shower heads

- Keep away ants

- To clean your hands after chopping onions

vinegar hacks[Image Source: Household Hacker]

Let us know what your favorite way to use vinegar is in the comments!

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Trevor English is a civil engineer by training and author at Interesting Engineering. You can connect and learn more about him here.


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