11 Amazing Biology YouTube Channels That Will Have You Gripped

If you are looking for some recommendations for great Biology YouTube Channels, then look no further than these 11.
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When it comes to Biology YouTube channels, these 11 are some of the best of the best. They range from highly-entertaining enthusiasts to collators of some of the best science leaders lectures from around the world.


With many containing superb graphics and excellent teaching styles, we are confident you will find something to your liking amongst the following channels. 

1. Shomu's Biology has a lot of great lectures

Subscriber count: 567 Thousand

biology youtube channels Shomu
Source: Shomu's Biology/YouTube

Shomu's Biology, as the name suggests, is all about Biology. It includes lectures on many subjects of Biology from Marine Biology to Biotechnology.

The channel's videos are aimed at high school and undergraduate Biology students but anyone will find it informative and interesting.

The channel was set up and is run by, Suman Bhattacharjee who infuses each video with his enthusiasm for the subject. You will learn to love each subject as much as Suman in no time.

2. iBiology brings world-leading scientists to your screen

Subscriber count: 55 Thousand

biology youtube channels iBiology
Source: iBiology/YouTube

iBiology is another YouTube channel dedicated to the fascinating field of Biology. They collate and upload around 15 to 20 lectures from world-leading scientists every year.

Their mission is to produce an online library of some of the most outstanding sciences lectures around. Being on YouTube you get access to this high-quality content completely free of charge and they also have an online iBioMagazine channel you check out too.

The channel started in 2009 and has steadily grown to a respectable 55 Thousand since then. Take a break from hilarious "fail" videos and expand your mind, at least for ten minutes or so.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare is a huge channel

Subscriber count: 1.8 Million

biology youtube channels MIT Opencourseware
Source: MIT Opencourseware/YouTube

MIT OpenCourseWare is produced by MIT and has a vast collection of recorded lectures covering many subjects including Biology. The lectures are some of the highest quality you're likely to see and you'll certainly find something to your liking on there.

The channel has a mega 1.8 million subscriber count and being from MIT you can be assured of the content's quality. Each video is a full-length lecture so this channel is for the more committed who want to be immersed in a subject.

Videos are also organized into playlists for various lecture series' so you can just load, sit back and take notes. Whilst it won't provide you with an actual degree at the end you'll be begging to enroll in no time at all.

4. Amoeba Sisters is fun and educational

Subscriber count: 349 Thousand

biology youtube channels Amoeba Sisters
Source: Amoeba Sisters/YouTube

Whilst this channel might sound like it belongs to some trashy band, it is actually a brilliant and entertaining general science channel. It has videos on various scientific topics, including Biology of course, and it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Most Popular

It covers biological subjects from Mitosis to the characteristics of life and everything else in between. They are even tutorials on how to make your own infotainment and lab safety.

If you want to mix fun animation, and two loveable Amoebas, with information this might just be the perfect Biology YouTube channel for you.

5. Khan Academy is one of the best

Subscriber count: 4.6 Million

biology youtube channels Khan Academy
Source: Khan Academy/YouTube

If you haven't heard of Khan Academy it might be worth you taking a trip over their right now. They are actually a 501 C (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the world with free, world-class education for everyone, everywhere, all-the-time.

Their channel covers a massive range of subjects from biology to finance to name but a few. Unlike other channels, their material has been translated into dozens of other languages and they estimate that over 15 million people use their service every single month.

The channel started in 2006 and has grown to an enormous 4.6 million subscribers over the last 13 years. You will definitely find it informative and entertaining.

6. Crash Course is another big hitter

Subscriber count: 8.9 Million

biology youtube channels Crash Course
Source: Crash Course/YouTube

John Green and his brother Hank, are some of the most prolific and famous YouTubers out there. They produce video blogs on many subjects but tend to focus on history, biology, ecology, and chemistry.

Each little video is packed full of interesting information which is presented in a fun and, very rapidly spoken, fashion. The channel also features content from other creators talking about a wide array of subjects from computer science to mythology if you ever get bored of Biology.

The channel also features helpful playlists so you can binge out on a particular subject or theme. This channel is definitely time well spent.

7. Moof University is pretty awesome

Subscriber count: 41 Thousand

biology youtube channels Moof University
Source: Moof University/YouTube

Moof University is one of the go-to YouTube channels if you are interested in Biochemistry. So much so, that it is one of the most popular biochemistry channels on YouTube.

The channel started in 2013 and has grown to a respectable size over the following years. The channel is run by a self-confessed Biochemistry enthusiast that strives for accuracy at all times.

He is, however, the first to admit he is no expert and welcomes and all constructive criticism on his content. The creator usually responds and updates his content accordingly if any errors are found.

His presenting style is very relaxed and will help guide you through a topic at a nice and steady pace.

8. Osmosis is great for "med geeks"

Subscriber count: 920 Thousand

biology youtube channels Osmosis
Source: Osmosis/YouTube

Osmosis is one of the best medicine and health sciences on YouTube. Their vision is to provide content for anyone and everyone who care for someone.

This YouTube channel features content on various medical concepts in an easy-to-understand and digestible way. They do also have a website that contains more in-depth content for health and professionals and students.

The channel has over 920 Thousand subscribers and has grown exponentially since it's founding in 2015. With growth like that the content must be high-grade.

9. Susannaheinze's channel is fun and informative

Subscriber count: 35 Thousand

biology youtube channels Susannaheinze
Source: Susannaheinze/YouTube

Susannaheinze has a very easy to listen to and easily-digestible style in her videos. Her videos tend are very well paced and supported by great visuals - usually an actual hand-drawn diagram that she uses to describe the particular subject at hand.

The channel's creator's passion is to simplify complex science topics into fun and easy-to-digest chunks. If you want to know a little bit more about Susanna she:

"I earned my Master's Degree in Physiology from the University of Chapel Hill, NC in 2000, and my undergraduate degree in Biology from George Fox University in Newberg, OR."

10. Iken Edu has an eclectic mix of content and great graphics

Subscriber count: 425 Thousand

biology youtube channels Iken Edu
Source: Iken Edu/YouTube

Iken Edu is another great Biology themed YouTube channel. It also happens to have some of the best graphics for a YouTube channel you are likely to ever see.

The channel has something of an eclectic mix of content including nursery rhymes, DIY tutorials, and great science content.

"Here you will find educational content on subjects like Science, Math, History, English, Nursery Rhymes, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting etc. We provide engaging and interactive content videos to encourage Do It Yourself (DIY), hands-on learning, scientific and practical learning approach. "

You might want to watch content through their playlists rather than letting YouTube randomly play them, unless you enjoy listening to the odd nursery rhyme from time to time.

11. Bozeman Science is really good

Subscriber count: 818 Thousand

biology youtube channels Bozeman Science
Source: Bozeman Science/YouTube

Bozeman Science was created and is run by Paul Anderson. He is an educational consultant and YouTuber who lives in Bozeman, MT.

Paul has been teaching science for more than 20 years and loves nothing more than helping others explain scientific and biological concepts in easy-to-understand and entertaining short lectures.

His style is so effective that he was selected as the 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year and was even nominated for the 2012 YouTube Edu Guru in 2012.

The subjects he covers are pretty wide-ranging but his Biology ones are very good indeed. Each video includes some great graphics and his teaching style will make you hungry to learn more and more.

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