13 Cool Ways People Reuse Old Tech Stuff

If you were looking for some inspiration to turn old tech into something new, these 13 examples will set you straight.
Christopher McFadden
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There are endless ways people can reuse old things to make new objects. This is especially true when it comes to old tech.

Old things can be reused in many different and interesting ways. The only real restriction is your imagination.

Here are some great, and frankly awesome, examples. 

What are some examples of creative reuse of old stuff?

And so, without further ado, here are 13 examples of creative ways some people have reused old tech. Trust us when we say this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This chap turned an old PC tower into a "Caffeine Machine"

reuse old stuff pc coffee maker
Source: crookedbrains/Pinterest

Here is a pretty cool way to repurpose an old thing into something new. Instead of simply dumping this spent PC tower, this chap decided to make it useful once again.

But stripping out the gubbins and installing the basic components of a coffee machine, this old PC has been given a new lease of life. Complete with random lights, this new PC-coffee maker is something to behold. 

Excellent work sir. 

2. This repurpose light and tripod looks pretty awesome

UPcycled an old photography light by combing it with a discarded tripod (rather than using the clamp on the bottom) put in all new wiring and and socket to make a unique floor lamp. Was able to keep the timer part intact so that it still works too! from r/upcycling

This crafty chap decided to repurpose an old photography lamp and tripod to make something very steampunk-esque. They were even able to salvage the original timer from the lamp.

He also managed to rewire the parts and socket to make his unique floor lamp. It actually looks pretty cool, to be honest. 

3. "About all, they're good for TBH"

reuse old stuff mac mailboxes
Source: theownerbuildernetwork/Pinterest

For anyone who despises Apple, this next cool reuse of old stuff might make you smile. Rather than dumping these old Apple Mac towers, these chaps decided to put them to work as makeshift mailboxes.

While not the most technologically challenging conversion, we must admit they look pretty cool. Nice to see Apple Macs actually being useful for once (yes we went there). 

4. This guy's dad turned an old pipe, and some other tech, into an awesome lightsaber

The best kind of upcycling from r/upcycling

The award for the best dad ever might have found a new candidate. This guy's amazing father managed to turn an old piece of sink pipe, and some other electronics, into this cool lightsaber. 

It must have really made his son's day when he finally presented it to him. We are just a little bit jealous. 

5. Apparently old cassette tapes make for great canvasses

Cassette tapes make for fun canvases. ? 90’s remembered. @bluffcitycreatively from r/upcycling

Well, well, we were not expecting to find this. This crafty person has discovered that old cassette tapes actually work pretty well as art canvasses. 


In the spirit of the age, this person's chosen subject for their new art material is Sonic the Hedgehog. Absolutely brilliant. 

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6. How about turning your old GameBoy into a plant pot?

I married my love of retro gaming to my love of succulents. from r/upcycling

Here is another interesting example of upcycling some old tech. This person decided that their old GameBoy might just make the perfect planter for their beloved succulents. 

Complete with a toy Wartortle, the final product looks pretty stunning. 

7. Old computer mice are also pretty good planters too

When you can't recycle, upcycle. from r/upcycling

Further to example 6 above, it turns out old computer mice are also great as succulent planters. This might come in handy given how notoriously fragile modern computer mice tend to be. 

8. How about turning old lightbulbs into mini-greenhouses?

These lights weren’t bright enough so I cut holes in them and added different soils and types of plant. Minimal blood loss = win from r/upcycling

This crafty person decided to turn some old, rather disappointing, lightbulbs into mini-greenhouses. By cutting some small holes into the glass and filling with soil and small plants, the result is strangely satisfying. 

9. How about making a bike-wheel desk lamp?

Not mine but dam I love this from r/upcycling

This thrifty and cunning person decided to repurpose some old bike bits and an old lamp into something very unique. The final result is actually pretty cool. 


10. An old lamp, some plastic figurines and silver paint = AMAZING

Bought a silver lamp from with a white shade for $20 on Gumtree, glued on some super heroes from eBay (Marvel + a visiting Batman), spray painted it chrome and glued on some new fabric. Voila! Daughter loves it! from r/upcycling

By combining an old lamp from eBay, some old Marvel and DC action figures (and some paint) this new Marvel/DC themed nightlight is a thing of beauty. It really does look the business and must have been great fun to create. 

11. This night table come high-tech speaker is brilliant

I reworked an night table and added some old boxes, Bluetooth and sockets with USB ports from r/upcycling

By gutting an old night table and adding some old boxes, speaker parts, and Bluetooth and USB ports, this chap has created a hybrid of beauty. We are really impressed with this example of upcycled tech.

12. A bit lazy, but if it works?

Not as creative as most the stuff on here, but I found these never-used floppy disks in Dad’s shed, so I’m using them as drink coasters! from r/upcycling

This person decided to put some old unused floppy disks into service once again. While not the most creative or taxing or tech repurposing, if it works then who are we to complain?

13. This bike-part "Bonsai Tree" looks great

A bonsai tree sculpture made from reclaimed bicycle parts. Made by me from r/upcycling

And finally, this clever use of old bike parts truly is a piece of art. We simply can't take our eyes off it. 

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