This 20,000 W Lightbulb will Most Definitely Blind You

Trevor English

Your house lights are probably somewhere in the range of 40 to 60 watts, but try and imagine what exactly a 20,000W light bulb would look like. If you are picturing pure whiteness, then you would be pretty close. YouTuber Photonic induction specializes in testing incredibly high-powered electric equipment, and his test of this 20KW light is nothing short of incredible. You wouldn't use this light to light up a room, even a building, rather it is typically used for large-scale film sets in order to recreate light from the sun. Yes, it's that powerful. Check out the intensive testing video below.

The halogen 20KW bulb utilizes what look like door springs but are actually supersized light bulb filaments. In order to operate this light, you need a 6-pronged plug that is about the size of a soccer ball. If for some reason you needed to, say, make it daytime 24/7 in your neighborhood block, then this light bulb would do the trick.

At full power, the bulb drew 94 amps at 20KW. This incredibly powerful electrical device is likely to require as much electricity as your entire house is capable of supplying.

20k watt light bulb[Image Source: Photonic Induction]

If you notice in the video too, the light gets so bright that the image sensor in the camera can no longer pick up contrast, resulting in simply a white screen. If you are wanting to become an evil genius and purchase this portable sun, it is going to cost you. The Sylvania 54342 - BCM 64818 CP/99 20KW 230V Projector Light Bulb costs $6,301.39 + $3.99 shipping. That shipping fee is the killer, though.

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