35 of The Funniest Science Tweets Ever

Take a break from your rigorous work with this list of the best tweets to make you laugh and think in equal measure.
Zachary Tomlinson

Twitter is a constant source of entertainment and frustration in the modern world. But however much you may hate getting dragged into political arguments or jumping on the latest outrage-train, the social media platform does still do a lot to bring people together.


Filled with everything from conspiracy theorists to celebrity dogs, whoever you are and whatever your opinion may be, you are bound to find some like-minded users on Twitter. One of the most prominent user groups on the site are the elusive and mysterious unicorns known as "funny nerds".

As such there is a wealth of fantastic science jokes and geek references to be found within the apps infinite depths... But ask yourself this: Which ones are the best?

Well, wonder no more because after an exhaustive search of the entire twitter-verse, we can definitively say that these are - in no particular order - the funniest tweets about science, EVER. So lab coats and goggles on kids, let's get to it!

 1. Astronauts and their egos...

I mean, he does have a point, Janet.

2. We're all star dust!

They're shifty too! Like, come on just pick one electron: particle or wave?!?

3. Oh no, Stephen! You and your paradoxes.

Seriously though, this is a gangser move, and I totally believe Dr. Hawking would do it. We miss you beloved all-around genius!

4. No science list can exist without NDT!

Oh, Neil! Is it possible to roll your eyes and have your mind get blown at the same time?

5. Facing your fears:

Technically she would always be falling, but the joke is still good.

6. Misleading title

I expected this kind of trickery from Barbara Streisand, but not from you Gaga. Not you.

7. Existential crisis in three... two... one...

It's Blade Runner meets Office Space, starring Kevin James!

8. Technically correct

"No way, bro. Planck's Constant is like, way small tho. Does it even lift?"

9. Why does Venus get all the coolest weather?

There's not even anything on the magic instant picture box!

10. Science isn't always rewarding...

It did, however, run a four-minute-mile just before its heart exploded.

11. Not all algorithms are created equal.

Google+: "Guys? Guys? Seriously where is everybody, we have really good food, I swear!"

12. She's in too deep!

Relatively speaking, it probably cancels out anyway.

13. Ignorance is bliss.

Next, you'll be trying to tell me Australopithecus and Neanderthals interbred. Ha!

14. The untold depths of caffein addiction.

It just... It doesn't work that way. Why would it ever work that way?

15. Um, actually...

Some men just want to watch all of the known worlds burn.

16. Entropy always gives me the munchies.

It's ice cream and cold pizza again I guess.

17. Based on a soon-to-be true story:

These gorillas and their liberal agenda!

18. Who are we to judge?

Something, something, Homo Erectus.

19. Intelligent design seems kind of cruel...

To satisfy the "science" qualification of this tweet, I must now inform you that animals with these types of digestive systems are called "ruminants." Boom. Science.

20. Gluteus Supremus.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, "Is this your dog?" "Yes, she is. Her name is milkshake, and she's a very good girl."

21. The horrible truth!

Sometimes, if you want to build a Martian rover, you gotta kill a few cats. Whatchu gonna do?

22. Don't forget the surface ribosomes!

At least it's more fun than drawing punnet squares.

23. Dual purpose!

My one true dream in life is that one day they'll make a Spider-man reboot with anatomically correct spider mutations...

24. One thing we all know for sure.

Now if only my knowledge of respiration could be monetized...

25. The makers of our own obsolescence

When robots start dabbing, that's when we're really in trouble.

26. He has a point.

This looks like one of those problems we all say we'll "come back to at the end". 

27. Scary accurate

I mean, I can always apply to NASA tomorrow...

28. Oh, okay-- Wait a second!

"Wanna hear a joke about yttrium?" "Sure."  "Y?"

29. Anatomy is for heathens!

Explanations NSFW.

30. Scientific priorities

The perfect ratio of guacamole to Tostito is also known as "Avocado's Number."

31. My investment strategy:

To simulate the vial of cyanide we'll need to create another housing bubble.

32. The easiest way to stop the invasion

Give em the old Russian nesting rockets!

33. Sage advice.

I hear eating light requires you to be pretty massive in the first place.

34. In an infinite universe...

Carl's sister had a very short-lived music career, at least in this reality.

35. Classic Elon with his sort-of-crimes.

Look at it this way: a disgraced billionaire CEO turned super-villain is EXACTLY what 2019 needs to keep pace with the chaotic timeline we've been trapped in. So that should be fun!

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