9+ of the Best YouTube Channels for Physics Lovers

For any lover of physics, here are 9 great YouTube channels.
Christopher McFadden

If you love nothing more than immersing yourself in physics-related content, here are some great YouTube channels for your consideration.

There are many great channels on YouTube that produce physics-related content, but some are better than others.


Which is the best physics channel on YouTube?

According to sites like medium.com, here are some of the best:

  • CrashCourse

  • Numberphile

  • SciShow

  • Two Minute Papers

  • Khan Academy

  • World Science Festival

  • Scientific American

  • DrPhysicsA

What are the best educational YouTube channels?

If you want to expand your knowledge beyond physics on YouTube, you might want to consider some of these great educational channels as well: 


  • CGP Grey

  • Jason Silva: Shots of Awe

  • It's Okay To Be Smart

  • SciShow

Can YouTube make you smarter?

YouTube, like many resources on the Internet, can be a bit hit and miss. Apart from its large amount of "junk" content, it does also have a large collection of informative and mind-expanding material if you take the time to find it.

For this reason, it could be argued, depending on what you are watching, that YouTube could "make you smarter." The most important fact is that YouTube is a great resource for listening to people with different points of view — especially with regards to politics.  

This is very important to ensure you get a balanced diet when it comes to certain contentious issues. It is also a great way to break out of any political bubble you might have inadvertently found yourself in. 

PBS Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta recently made a similar conclusion. Whether you agree or not is up to you, but ultimately, YouTube is just another information source like any other. 

It should never be used as your only source of information and learning. 

Nine great physics-related YouTube channel

If you live and breathe all things physics, then you should definitely consider checking out any of these YouTube channels. The following list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Sci Show is a little different

With a subscriber base of over 5.85 million, Sci Show is one of the most popular science (including physics) channels on YouTube. It covers many different topics but has some very interesting and entertaining episodes on physics-related subjects. 

Most Popular

"SciShow explores the unexpected. Seven days a week, Hank Green, Michael Aranda, and Olivia Gordon delve into the scientific subjects that defy our expectations and make us even more curious!" - Sci Show

2. Smarter Every Day is definitely worth checking out

SmarterEveryDay is a fantastic YouTube channel if you love anything even remotely physics-related. It is run by an Engineer called Destin Sandlin and is packed with very interesting videos on many subjects, from archery to space. 

Destin has taken it on himself to take his viewers beyond the pure theory of science in a fun and entertaining manner. 

"I explore the world using science. That's pretty much all there is to it. Watch 2 videos. If you learn something AWESOME, please subscribe if you feel like I earned it," notes SmarterEveryDay.

The channel started in 2006 and has since grown popular with a whopping 7.26 million subscribers.

3. Veritasium is very good indeed

Veritasium is yet another incredibly popular science-related YouTube channel. It started in 2010 and now has a respectable 6.34 million subscribers.

Hosted by Derek Muller, Veritasium's name is derived from Latin for truth or Veritas.

This channel, unlike others detailed above, is primarily dedicated to Physics-related topics, including things like hydrodynamic levitation to quantum entanglement.

It's a great channel to watch if you want to refresh your understanding of a particular subject. If you want to learn about something completely new, this is the channel for you.

4. Vsauce is absolutely fantastic

Vsauce has a huge 14.7 million subscriber base, and for a good reason. It is, hands-down, one of the best science (inc. physics) channels on YouTube.

The videos cover a wide range of subjects but tend to focus on the theoretical aspects of science. Each video is presented by Michael Stevens, whose narrative style is both engaging and entertaining in equal measures. 

Most episodes begin by positing a question and then attempting to answer it. Subjects cover things like the Earth, space, the human brain, human existence, and many more. 

5. TEDs Talks is another great resource

TEDx Talks are another very popular content creator on YouTube. With regular lectures and talks from prominent scientists in various fields, TEDx provides a wonderful resource for many subjects. 

You will need to dig around for physics-related content on their channel, but it is definitely worth the time.

6. Minutephysics is fun and entertaining

Minutephysics is another great physics-related YouTube channel. It's run by Henry Reich since 2011. "Simply put cool physics and other sweet science," is its tagline.

The channel covers various aspects of science from entropy, astronomy, quantum teleportation to many other subjects.

Most videos are only about 5-minutes long, and they break down each topic into an easy-to-understand explanation with great cartoon-ish graphics.

7. Physics Girl is one of the best

Run by Dianna Cowern, Physics Girl is a great YouTube channel if you love all things physics. She regularly explores various subjects by conducting DIY experiments of her own. 

Dianna has a great presenting style, and she will definitely keep you entertained for hours on end. 

8. Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell is awesome

If you love physics and cute animated birds, then Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell should be right up your street. It is, to date, one of the most popular channels on YouTube and, since 2013, has grown very popular with 9.62 million subscribers. 

Each video is very well researched and incredibly well produced. Their content is not always physics-related, but each video is very informative and, more importantly, fun. 

9. NOVA PBS's channel is great

NOVA PBS is one of the most-watched primetime science series on TV ever. It regularly has an average of 5 million viewers every week.

They decided to take their winning formula to YouTube in 2006 and have since managed to acquire a subscriber base in excess of 168k. NOVA's YouTube channel has a nice range of NOVA produced clips and standalone videos on various subjects.

Of particular interest is a nice range of space and astronomy content. The channel also has appearances from Neil deGrasse Tyson and the late, great Carl Sagan.

It's really worth checking out this channel out! 

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