A Brand New 3.0 Version of the Global Wind Atlas Has Just Been Released

The latest version contains data about global wind resources.
Fabienne Lang
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The most recent version of the Global Wind Atlas (GWA), the 3.0 version, has just been released. With its new features, it will continue to help policymakers, planners, and investors with their decisions regarding wind power generation. 

The GWA 3.0 works like a map that updates itself, displaying new data about wind resources around the world. 

It is an incredibly useful tool for locating high-wind power locations, and in doing so, demonstrates the massive potential for wind resources.


The GWA 3.0 updates

The GWA 3.0 is developed, owned, and run by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  On Wednesday, the DTU Wind Energy released the latest version of GWA, which is a free and web-based platform. 

A Brand New 3.0 Version of the Global Wind Atlas Has Just Been Released
How the map is viewed in the GWA 3.0 version. Source: Global Wind Atlas

The newest release provides even more accurate wind resources. Vortex, an independent company that models wind information for the wind industry, was commissioned for the project. 

Vortex carried out ten years of mesoscale model simulations covering every corner of the Earth using a 3 km resolution. 

To offer more information on offshore wind resources, the calculations were increased to 200 km from the shoreline. The newest version of GWA also includes two more heights — wind resource data is now available at 10, 50, 100, 150, and 200 meters above ground and sea level. 

A Brand New 3.0 Version of the Global Wind Atlas Has Just Been Released
Middelgrunden offshore wind farm. Source: Oyvind Holstad/Flickr

GIS files are now available to be directly downloaded for all layers.

DTU Wind Energy is still working on the validation of the 3.0 dataset.

Working alongside Nazka Mapps, DTU Wind Energy have brought in two new features for the user interface of GWA 3.0: an energy yield calculator tool, and a feature that focuses on temporal aspects of wind resources.

All in all, GWA 3.0 is better than ever, offering useful and accurate wind information for people around the world. This will enable further work and improvements on wind-powered resources and data.


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