Astonishing Images of Canadian Blizzard Show Piles of Snow as High as 5 Foot 8"

The historic blizzard had wind speeds as high as 157 kph (98 mph).
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Imagine opening your front door to go to work one morning only to be faced with a doorful of snow. That's what happened to a number of Canadian residents from Newfoundland and Labrador over the weekend.

A powerful blizzard ripped through these eastern Canadian provinces, developing into what's known as a "bomb cyclone."

Some jaw-dropping images have been posted online, enough to make your toes and fingers feel numb and to have you shivering from head to toe.


Snow tunnels as driveways

In just one day the city of St. John's in Newfoundland experienced 75 centimeters (35 inches) of snowfall. Typically, the city would see that amount of snowfall throughout the entire month of January.

Astonishing Images of Canadian Blizzard Show Piles of Snow as High as 5 Foot 8"
Newfoundland and Labrador on a North American map, Source: Rosedale Manor 

The blizzard swept through cities like St John's on the east coast of Canada with winds reaching up to 157 kph (98 mph). Even the city's mayor, Danny Breen, mentioned that he'd lived most of his life in the city and had never experienced a storm this big.

"I’ve never seen the combination of the amount of snow, the rate of snowfall and the wind speed that we’ve had here over the past couple of days," said Mayor Breen.

Breen, like many other St. John's residents, couldn't easily leave his home on Saturday morning. He described the scene by saying "the snow in front of my front step is over my head. I can’t see either one of my cars in the driveway."

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Footage of the intensity of the storm and its aftermath has been reaching social media platforms, here are a few to show the extent of the blizzard's magnitude: 

You wouldn't want to be caught outdoors when the storm hit: 

The storm is being nicknamed "Stormageddon":

Footage of the amount of snow falling is impressive:

Imagine seeing this from your front door:

Or this:

Hopefully not too many residents suffer from claustrophobia:

Some images are striking:

Snow tunnels for driveways:

Some are making the most of the snowy leftovers to practice their snowboarding skills:

Snowshoes are a requirement now: 

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