Blue Origin Wins NASA Contract for Future Space Missions

Jeff Bezos' space company gets to sign NASA's Launch Services Contract.
Fabienne Lang
New GlennBlue Origin

Jeff Bezos' space company, Blue Origin, was awarded the NASA Launch Services (NLS) II contract by NASA on Wednesday, announced the U.S. space agency.

This means the aerospace company will be able to compete for future NASA space missions, alongside SpaceX, for instance. 

Under the NLS II contract, Blue Origin's New Glenn rocket will be able to take part in planetary expeditions, Earth observations, as well as satellite launches, as pointed out by the company on its website


New Glenn is an impressive rocket. It's a mighty 310-foot (94.5 meter) reusable booster that is able to carry 45 tons of payload into low-orbit Earth, and it's due to launch in 2021.

That means New Glenn will be able to launch around a third more into space than SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. 

As Blue Origin explained, "New Glenn is a single-configuration, operationally reusable heavy-lift launch vehicle powered by seven BE-4 liquefied natural gas rocket engines. The vehicle’s seven-meter fairing provides more than double the usable volume of any existing launch vehicle."

Under the new NASA contract, NASA centers in the U.S. will be able to "design spacecraft to take advantage of New Glenn's unique seven-meter fairing and heavy-lift performance for a broad range of missions." It'll also allow Blue Origin to compete for missions through the Launch Service Task Orders set up by NASA up until 2027.

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