Boeing Moving Its Space and Launch Headquarters to Florida

As Boeing's Starliner progresses towards its first launch later this year, Boeing is gettting ready by setting up headquarters on Florida's Space Coast.
John Loeffler

Boeing is moving its Space and Launch headquarters to Titusville, Florida ahead of the completion and first launch of its Starliner spacecraft, planned for later this year.

Boeing to Move Space and Launch Headquarters to Florida

Boeing announced today that it was moving the headquarters for is Space and Launch division from Arlington, Virginia to Titusville, Florida, near Kennedy Space Center on the so-called "Space Coast".


"Looking to the future, this storied Florida space community will be the center of gravity for Boeing’s space programs as we continue to build our company’s leadership beyond gravity,” said Leanne Caret, president and CEO of Boeing Defense, Space & Security. “The time is right for us to locate our space headquarters where so much of our space history was made over the past six decades and where so much history awaits.”

Boeing says that the move will not affect facilities in other states like Texas and California, where Boeing has major operations. The move is necessary though for several reasons, the company said. Boeing has several space projects coming to fruition in the near future, such as the crewed CST-100 Starliner, and its other launch vehicles like the uncrewed X-37B are seeing an increased workload, necessitating the move to the country's decades-old hub for space related activity.

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"Boeing has been a dominant presence on the Space Coast for six decades, and this move represents a continuation of that legacy and future commitment,” said Jim Chilton, Boeing senior vice president of Space and Launch. “Expanding our Boeing presence on the Space Coast brings tremendous value for our commercial and government space programs through focused leadership, strategic investment, customer proximity and additional contributions to the vitality of the region.”

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