Caribbean Earthquake of 7.7 Felt All the Way in Florida, Offices Had to be Evacuated

The earthquake hit near the Cayman Islands, Cuba, and Jamaica on Tuesday.
Fabienne Lang
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A strong earthquake of 7.7-magnitude shook the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Cuba on Tuesday, prompting a brief tsunami warning and office evacuations as far away as Florida. 

The earthquake came three weeks after a 6.4-magnitude quake in Puerto Rico. 

No immediate report of casualties has been disclosed yet. 


Shaking buildings

Shaking and tremors were felt in many buildings and homes across the Caribbean on Tuesday. Not only that, but buildings even shook in Florida, with some offices having to be evacuated for safety purposes. 

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) warnings were withdrawn a few hours after the quake. Initially, the PTWC had stated that "hazardous tsunami waves" could reach coastal locations as far as 300 km away (186 miles) from the epicenter. 

As this earthquake produced "sideways motions" according to seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, the risk of a tsunami occurring were low.

The epicenter of the quake fell 125 km (77 miles) north-west of Jamaica, and was about 10 km deep (6.2 miles). 

Tweets and videos from the Caribbean, as well as Florida showing shaking buildings and offices, are streaming online. Ryan Gold, a USGS geologist, told the Miami Herald that it was "completely reasonable" that an earthquake of that magnitude could be felt in Florida as "It's a very large earthquake which can produce a lot of seismic energy."

Luckily, it appears that no significant damage has happened to any of the nations, with "only a few reports of structural damage to buildings" happening according to the Cayman Islands authorities.

Some evacuations have happened and shelters have temporarily been put up as precautions. 

Here are some of the Tweets about the quake: 

People have been sharing the location, magnitude, and information about the quake: 

Suggestions of moving to higher ground are being shared openly: 

Dangerous and deep sinkholes have happened in the Cayman Islands: 

Miami felt the tremors too: 



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